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A small town community needs a small town fisherman, and Willy is that fisherman. The owner of the Fish Shop and an all-around fishing fanatic, Willy is your go-to guy when you have any sea-related needs. He also has a jaunty cap.


Willy arrives in Stardew Valley on the second day, and will invite you down to the beach to give you a Bamboo Pole with which to begin your fishing career. From that point on Willy will run the Fish Shop on the docks, providing you with new Rods, Bait, and Tackle. Willy's merchandise grows as you gain more Skill levels in Fishing.

Willy's birthday is on the 24th of Summer.

Likes and Dislikes

Willy's profession more or less betrays his passions: he likes fish. Nine times out of ten you can give Willy a fish and he'll like it, a stark contrast to a lot of other people living in the Valley. That said, Willy tends to appreciate more valuable fish, particularly Catfish, Sturgeon, Octopus, Tiger Trout, and the odd Sea Cucumber. He also has a thing for Diamonds, which is... understandable?

Willy doesn't much like anything that isn't fishy, and you should avoid giving him the vast majority of things you grow on the farm or forage from the landscape. He's a little more appreciative of processed items - he likes Cheese more than Milk, for example - but you're still safer sticking with fish.


Willy is one of the most predictable characters in Stardew Valley, and he spends almost every day down by the beach, fishing. He'll fish before his 9 am shift at the Fish Shop, open the shop until 5 pm, then go back to fishing until bed 'round 10 pm. This only changes during the Winter, as he'll head to the Stardust Saloon after his shift and stays there until 12 am-ish instead.

On Saturdays Willy closes the shop and goes fishing elsewhere, either near the bridge leading to the beach in Pelican Town or by Leah's Cottage to the west of Pelican Town. That said, he won't close the Fish Shop on Saturdays if it's raining.

  • On the second day of Spring Willy will give you a Bamboo Pole if you meet him by the beach.
  • At three hearts Willy will send you the Chowder recipe in the mail.
  • At five hearts Willy will send you the Escargot recipe in the mail.
  • At seven hearts Willy will send you the Fish Stew recipe in the mail.
  • At nine hearts Willy will send you the Lobster Bisque recipe in the mail.