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There is an emo child living in Stardew Valley, and his name is Sebastian. More or less a creature of the night, Sebastian scorns all things sunny and spends much of his time in his basement lair - yet despite his proclivity for darkness he's a relatively nice guy, and not without friends.


Sebastian lives at the Carpenter's Shop with his mother, Robin, half-sister Maru, and step-father Demetrius. Unlike the rest of his clan, who wander out of the house during the day at regular intervals, Sebastian virtually never leaves his room until around 6 pm, when the light begins to fade. This can make him a fairly elusive character for farmers who expend most of their Energy in the morning and go to bed early.

Sebastian is friends with Sam and Abigail, and can be seen in their company with fair regularity. He also likes wandering off on his own, and may be found down by the beach on rainy days, regardless of the hour.

Sebastian's birthday is on the 10th of Winter, fairly late in the year. Delivering a present to him can be somewhat challenging if you're not already friends.

Likes and Dislikes

Though he seems to share little in common with his parents and siblings Sebastian is something of a rock enthusiast, like Maru, and he enjoys getting virtually any precious gems. His particular favourites are Obsidian and Frozen Tears, though he'll happily accept Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and the like. He's also a big fan of Sashimi, which makes for some rather easy affection boosts once you've built a kitchen and sufficiently befriended Linus.

Sebastian dislikes most other items. Virtually anything cultivated on your farm will be met with apathy or outright scorn (though he does like basic vegetables, like Parsnips, Potatoes, and Tomatoes). Unlike a lot of other characters he also has virtually no use for flowers, and, despite hanging out at the Stardrop Saloon on Friday nights, he doesn't like alcoholic drinks. Which is to say nothing of Joja Cola. (Have to wonder why he's friends with Sam, really.)


Unlike some of the other marriage-worthy characters, Sebastian has a fairly predictable routine for much of the year:
  • On most days (Mondays to Thursdays, and Sundays) Sebastian will wake up late in the day, by about 10:30 am, and go on the computer. Some days he'll come to the kitchen around 2:30 - 3 pm, then go back to his room; other days he'll just stay in his room. He goes out to smoke by the water to the east of his house around 6 pm, then heads home for the night. As the year heads towards Fall and Winter he'll leave his house earlier on some days, typically heading to the same lookout spot in the east.
  • On Friday nights Sebastian will pop out of his house around 4 pm and head to the Stardrop Saloon, where he'll hang out with Sam and Abigail until around 10 pm. He may also go to the Saloon on rainy days, but not too often.
  • On most rainy days Sebastian will leave his house by 11 am and head to the beach. He'll hang out on the western-most pier until 5 pm, at which point he'll go home.
  • On some Saturdays Sebastian will head to Sam's house, the southwestern-most home in Pelican Town, and hang out in Sam's room. He may also leave the house to go smoke by the water to the east.
Because Sebastian is so reclusive it can be difficult to find him on normal days. Consequently, I highly recommend befriending him as soon into a new game as possible. It's just too annoying to waste your day waiting outside his stupid room.

  • At two hearts you'll get a cut scene with Sebastian if you enter his bedroom while he's in there. If you wait him out you'll discover that he works as a programmer.
  • At three hearts you can speak to Sebastian about your reading habits. If you say you like fantasy and sci-fi you can earn some affection with him. (He's kind of a nerd.)
  • At four hearts you'll get a cut scene with Sebastian outside his house, while he's working on his motorcycle. You need to come here during the day, while Sebastian's awake (after 10 am).
  • At six hearts you'll get a cut scene with Sebastian in his room. He'll be playing a board game with Sam, and you'll join in. You'll get rated depending on how well you do. (I don't think any particular outcome affects your standing with Sebastian more than the others, though.)
  • At eight hearts you'll get a scene with Sebastian down on the beach. It needs to be raining out, so this scene can't happen in Winter. Wait for Sebastian to get down to the beach (12 pm and after) before heading there.
  • At ten hearts, once you've handed over a Bouquet, Sebastian will take you out on a motorcycle ride if you approach his house after 8 pm. After this cut scene you can purchase a Mermaid Pendant and marry Sebastian.
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