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Behold, the scientist in nature. An ardent examiner of the world around him, Demetrius is Pelican Town's resident brainiac, and he spends most of his time curiously studying all facets of the natural world. He's eager to propel his smarty-pants daughter along the same track, as well - and has a friendly penchant for keeping her mind on her work when potential distractions come calling.


Demetrius lives at the Carpenter's House, north of Pelican Town, with his wife, Robin, his daughter, Maru, and his step-son, Sebastian. Intensely curious about the landscapes of Stardew Valley, Demetrius spends most of his time either in his lab or wandering around the northern forests surrounding his home, cataloguing his findings on a clipboard.

Demetrius' birthday is on the 19th of Summer.

Likes and Dislikes

Though Demetrius is generally inclined towards working, his most passionate likes relate to eating. He shares Maru's incredible love of Strawberries, and likes to throw Ice Cream, Bean Hotpots, and Rice Pudding on top. On top of a variety of grown veggies and other dishes Demetrius also likes precious gems, and will happily take Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and the like off your hands.

Demetrius is fairly apathetic towards 'lesser' stones, like Quartz and other Minerals, and aside from one request and a few recipes he doesn't much like fish.


Demetrius has a relatively predictable schedule, though it changes up depending on season at least a little bit. The most consistent place you'll find him is in his lab, early in the day and later at night, before he heads out to do some field work. He's usually there on rainy days, as well. As for the aforementioned field work:
  • In Spring you can usually find Demetrius in the vicinity of his house, towards the Mines in the east.
  • In Summer Demetrius starts to wander south into Pelican Town, though he seldom goes much further than the fountain near the Community Center.
  • In Fall Demetrius can almost always be found near the entrance to the Mines, up until around 6 pm.
  • In Winter Demetrius seems to stay indoors most of the time.
Demetrius only strays into Pelican Town on rare occasions, when he heads to the Stardrop Saloon with Robin for a few hours in the early evening. They don't stay much longer than 7 or 8 pm.

  • In your first Summer Demetrius will show up on your farm and ask to use the cave near your house for experiments. Depending on your answers you can either have him set up a mushroom farm or a bat cave. In either case you'll get a random selection of mushrooms or fruit every few days, depending on your selection.
  • At three hearts Demetrius will send you the Fried Mushrooms recipe in the mail.
  • At five hearts Demetrius will send you the Autumn's Bounty recipe in the mail.
  • At six hearts you can watch a scene between Demetrius and Robin when they're both in the Carpenter's Shop. (And yes, tomatoes are totally a fruit.)
Main Walkthrough