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Main Walkthrough

Hey, look! A Steam game with Achievements! Who'da thunk it. Achievements are found under the Collections tab in your menu, right at the bottom of the Collections.

In addition to bragging rights, Achievements in Stardew Valley allow you to purchase a variety of decorative hats from the feline owner of the Ruined House, in the far southwest of Stardew Valley. You'll be notified that he's open for business once you've gotten a single Achievement. Each hat you can purchase is listed beside its respective Achievement below.
  • Greenhorn: Earn 15,000 gold. Pretty easy. You can now purchase the Good Ol' Cap.
  • Cowpoke: Earn 50,000 gold. Again, pretty easy. You can now purchase the Lucky Bow.
  • Homesteader: Earn 250,000 gold. A matter of time. You can now purchase the Cool Cap.
  • Millionaire: Earn 1,000,000 gold. This... might take a while. You can now purchase the Bowler Hat.
  • Legend: Earn 10,000,000 gold. And this will take even longer! You can now purchase the Sombrero.
  • A Complete Collection: Complete the Museum collection. This means collecting all of the Minerals and Artifacts in the game. Check worm spots, crack open Geodes, kill monsters, and fish for treasure. You can now purchase the Cowboy Hat.
  • A New Friend: Reach five hearts of affection with one person. Easy. You can now purchase the Butterfly Bow.
  • Best Friends: Reach ten hearts of affection with one person. Trickier, but not that bad once you know what they like. You can now purchase the Mouse Ears.
  • The Beloved Farmer: Reach ten hearts of affection with eight people. Another one that might take a while. Sling presents everywhere whenever you enter town. You can now purchase the Cat Ears.
  • Cliques: Reach five hearts of affection with five people. You'll get this one on the war to The Beloved Farmer. You can now purchase the Tiara.
  • Networking: Reach five hearts of affection with ten people. Be very, very generous. You can now purchase the Santa Hat.
  • Popular: Reach five hearts of affection with twenty people. You'll go broke giving away so many presents. You can now purchase the Earmuffs.
  • Cook: Cook ten different recipes. You'll receive recipes by befriending townsfolk, watching television, or buying them from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon. You'll also need a kitchen, requiring one house upgrade. You can now purchase the Delicate Bow.
  • Sous Chef: Cook twenty-five different recipes. Same as above, but harder. You can now purchase the Plum Chapeau.
  • Gourmet Chef: Cook every recipe. Hope you like that kitchen. You can now purchase the Archer's Cap. (Wouldn't a Chef's Cap make more sense?)
  • Moving Up: Upgrade your house once. You can now purchase the Tropiclip.
  • Living Large: Upgrade your house twice. You can now purchase the Hunter's Cap.
  • D.I.Y.: Craft fifteen different items. Not fifteen items, fifteen completely different items. You'll get crafting recipes through purchases and levelling up your Skills. You can now purchase the Daisy.
  • Artisan: Craft thirty different items. Again, different items. You can now purchase the Trucker Hat.
  • Craft Master: Craft every item. No big deal, right? You can now purchase the Gnome's Cap.
  • Fisherman: Catch ten different fish. They must be different species of fish. You can now purchase the Sou'wester.
  • Ol' Mariner: Catch twenty-four different fish. You can now purchase the Official Cap.
  • Master Angler: Catch every fish. This will require at least one straight year of fishing, as fish come out at different seasons. You can now purchase the Eye Patch.
  • Mother Catch: Catch one hundred fish. This is total fish, not different species. You can now purchase the Watermelon Band.
  • Treasure Trove: Donate forty items to the Museum. Artifacts, Minerals, both, doesn't matter. You can now purchase the Blue Bonnet.
  • Gofer: Complete ten Help Wanted quests. You can find them on the board out front of Pierre's General Store. You can now purchase the Polka Bow.
  • A Big Help: Complete forty Help Wanted quests. You can now purchase the Chicken Mask.
  • Polyculture: Ship fifteen of each crop. This will probably take you a while. You can now purchase the Cowpoke Hat.
  • Monoculture: Ship three hundred of a single crop. Not quite as bad. You can now purchase the Cowgirl Hat.
  • Full Shipment: Ship every item. That's every danged item in the game which can be shipped (which excludes equipment). You can now purchase the Goblin Mask.
'Secret' Achievements

In addition to the above there are a number of Steam-only Achievements that are for the traditional assortment of bragging rights, ie no new hats. Boo.
  • Prairie King: Beat Journey of the Prairie King. You can play the game in the Stardrop Saloon.
  • The Bottom: Reach the lowest floor (level 120) of the Mines.
  • Local Legend: Completely restore the Community Center to its former glory. This entails completing all of the Bundles and not purchasing a JojaMart Membership.
  • Joja Co. Member of the Year: Purchase a JojaMart Membership and pay for all five Community Development repairs. For obvious reasons, you cannot get this Achievement and Local Legend in a single play-through.
  • Mystery of the Stadrops: Collect all seven Stardrops in Stardew Valley.
  • Full House: Get married and have two children. And yes, you can have kids even if you get married to someone of the same sex.
  • Singular Talent: Reach level ten in a single Skill.
  • Master of the Five Ways: Reach level ten in all five Skills.
  • Protector of the Valley: Complete all seven Monster Slayer tasks at the Adventurer's Guild.
  • Fector's Challenge: Beat Journey of the Prairie King without dying. Have fun with that. (I'm not very good at Journey of the Prairie King'.)
Main Walkthrough