Tally ho! Every good town with a cartoonish theme obviously has monsters, and humanity needs to counter their encroachment with a good old fashioned Adventurer’s Guild. When you’re ready to slay some Slimes in Stardew Valley, this is the first place you turn.

The Adventurer’s Guild is located to the northeast of Pelican Town, a short walk east of the Mines. You cannot enter the Adventurer’s Guild until you’ve gained access to the Mines (which, as far as I can tell, you cannot do until your first Summer) and you’ve completed the quest Initiation. The Adventurer’s Guild is open from 2 pm to 10 pm every day, except on festival days.


The primary draw of the Adventurer’s Guild is to outfit warriors with everything they need to survive in the Mines. Ever behind his desk, Marlon will sell you a wide variety of weapons and accessories that will strengthen your character and make the deeper portions of the Mines that much safer to traverse.

Marlon’s selection is fairly limited at first. As you proceed deeper and deeper into the Mines, however, he’ll expand his repertoire accordingly. Check the list below to see when he unlocks each item.
  • Wooden Blade - 250 gold
  • Iron Dirk - 500 gold (reach Mines level 15)
  • Silver Saber - 750 gold (reach Mines level 20)
  • Pirate’s Sword - 850 gold (reach Mines level 25)
  • Cutlass - 1,500 gold (reach Mines level 25)
  • Wood Mallet - 2,000 gold (reach Mines Level 40)
  • Claymore - 2,000 gold (reach Mines Level 45)
  • Templar’s Blade - 4,000 gold (reach Mines Level 55)
  • Bone Sword - 6,000 gold (reach Mines Level 70)
  • Steel Falchion - 9,000 gold (reach Mines Level 100)
  • Lava Katana - 25,000 gold (reach Mines Level 120)
  • Sneakers - 500 gold
  • Combat Boots - 1,250 gold (reach Mines level 40)
  • Dark Boots - 2,500 gold (reach Mines level 85)
  • Amethyst Ring - 1,000 gold
  • Topaz Ring - 1,000 gold
  • Aquamarine Ring - 2,500 gold (reach Mines level 40)
  • Jade Ring - 2,500 gold (reach Mines level 40)
  • Emerald Ring - 5,000 gold (reach Mines level 85)
  • Ruby Ring - 5,000 gold (reach Mines level 85)
  • Explosive Ammo - 100 gold (reach Mines level 40)
Gil. He doesn't do much.
Monster Eradication Goals

In addition to purchasing services the Adventurer’s Guild has a series of bounties, if you will, on the monsters that roam the Mines. Check the wall to Marlon’s right and you’ll find a list of each monster type with a number beside it. This list keeps track of how many of each monster type you’ve killed while exploring the Mines. Kill enough monsters and Gil, the other member of the Guild, will reward you with prizes.

Not all of these monsters appear on every level of the Mines. Be prepared to backtrack to get every reward. (I’ll be doing the same, since this list is obviously incomplete at the moment.)
  • 1,000 Slimes - Slime Charmer Ring
  • 150 Void Spirits - Savage Ring
  • 200 Bats - Vampire Ring
  • 50 Skeletons - Skeleton Mask
  • 125 Cave Insects - Insect Head
  • 30 Duggies - Hard Hat
  • 500 Dust Sprites - Burglar's Ring