Stardew Valley Walkthrough / Guide - Pelican Town: Blacksmith

Most of your work in Stardew Valley is done with tools, and the tools you begin with won’t be good enough to keep you going for long. You need to upgrade your repertoire as you proceed through the game, and to do that you need to visit Clint’s Blacksmithing store.

Located in the southeast of Pelican Town, the Blacksmith is the only place in the game where you can get new tools - or, rather, where you can upgrade your old ones. Clint also offers a range of services related to Minerals, making him the go-to guy if you spend a lot of time in the Mines. Regardless of how you approach your farm, you’ll wind up coming here at least a few times a month.

The Blacksmith is open from 9 am to 4 pm every day, except on festival days.

Upgrading Tools

The primary draw of the Blacksmith is to upgrade your tools. In order to do this you need to bring the tool along with specific ingredients to upgrade the tool to its next level, along with, typically, a whole heap of money. While upgrading a tool Clint will take it away from you for two days, so make sure all chores relating to the tool are taken care of beforehand.

You can purchase some of the materials you’ll need to upgrade tools at Clint’s shop, as listed below. Clint’s supply of Ores is only so good, however, and to get the rarest tools (Iridium) you’ll need to delve into the lowest levels of the Mines. The Bars needed to create these tools can be Crafted in Furnaces, or, very rarely, dropped by monsters.

  • Axe - Starting tool
  • Copper Axe - 2,000 gold, five Copper Bars
  • Steel Axe - 5,000 gold, five Iron Bars
  • Gold Axe - 10,000 gold, five Gold Bars
  • Iridium Axe - 25,000 gold, five Iridium Bars
Watering Can
  • Watering Can - Starting tool
  • Copper Watering Can - 2,000 gold, five Copper Bars
  • Steel Watering Can - 5,000 gold, five Iron Bars
  • Gold Watering Can - 10,000 gold, five Gold Bars
  • Iridium Watering Can - 25,000 gold, five Iridium Bars
  • Pickaxe - Starting tool
  • Copper Pickaxe - 2,000 gold, five Copper Bars
  • Steel Pickaxe - 5,000 gold, five Iron Bars
  • Gold Pickaxe - 10,000 gold, five Gold Bars
  • Iridium Pickaxe - 25,000 gold, five Iridium Bars
  • Hoe - Starting tool
  • Copper Hoe - 2,000 gold, five Copper Bars
  • Steel Hoe - 5,000 gold, five Iron Bars
  • Gold Hoe - 10,000 gold, five Gold Bars
  • Iridium hoe - 25,000 gold, five Iridium Bars

In addition to his upgrades, Clint offers most of the Ores needed to create Bars in his store. These services are only useful if you don’t plan on entering the Mines. Clint will also purchase any Minerals you've found or Bars you've created, and the latter can prove to be highly lucrative if you create a lot of Furnaces.
  • Copper Ore - 50 gold
  • Iron Ore - 100 gold
  • Coal - 100 gold
  • Gold Ore - 300 gold
Clint, ready to smash open some Geodes.
What a guy.
Process Geodes

As you explore and bash open rocks you’ll occasionally come across Geodes. Though lumpen and uninteresting in and of themselves, Geodes contain hidden, secretive goodies that Clint can reveal by smashing them open on his anvil. Clint charges 25 gold per Geode, and you get to keep whatever’s inside. Geodes are almost always worth breaking open - most of the time you’ll get a Mineral that will at least pay off the price of Clint’s services - but you won’t know until you set Clint to work.


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