The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen - Keira’s House
Prerequisites: Complete A Towerful of Rats
Suggested Level: 6
Reward: XP

- You’ll get this quest after completing A Towerful of Rats for Keira, which is in itself part of a several-quest-long line, starting with Magic Lamp. You’ll get A Favor for a Friend regardless of the outcome of A Towerful of Rats.

- Leave Keira’s home and head north by northwest. You’re pointed by Geralt towards Blackbough, but the waypoint is west of town. Little to nothing should bother you along the way.

- You’ll hit a yellow circle of interest. Use your Witcher Senses and hunt for the ingredients that were waylaid. You’ll find wagon wheels dug into the dirt near the local Fast Travel signpost; follow them up the road and into the woods.

- (If you check the beach on the west side of the circle of interest you can find a Water Hag battling a bunch of Drowners. Either wade in and help one side or wait for them to kill each other, then take out the survivors. The lot of them are protecting a pair of boats bearing some treasure items, and the human bodies carry a Highwayman’s Notes and a Sodden Note. )

- You’ll find the cart, abandoned, at the end of the tracks. There are plenty of items of interest, but the Package for Keira is beneath the cart, in a small box. If you follow the blood trail away from the cart you’ll run into a Rotfiend to kill, and beyond it is a corpse carrying the Missing Merchant’s Letter. The Letter explains more about the cart.

- Head back to Keira’s home. (If you follow the waypoint’s path you’ll run past some Guarded Treasure, protected by Endrega Workers and an Warrior. Not too difficult, so long as you can avoid being flanked. Keep well away from the Warrior until the Workers are dead.) A saucy cut scene follows; agree to carry on with a rather lovely date.

- Stay amenable for the remainder of the night. The rest is self-explanatory. (And raunchy. Rowr.) The quest ends after this, and you’ll get a new one: For the Advancement of Learning.