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Location: Velen - Keira’s House
Prerequisites: Complete An Invitation from Keira Metz
Suggested Level: 6
Reward: XP

- To trigger A Towerful of Mice you need to complete two quests, and arguably three. At the end of Wandering through the Dark, a main storyline quest, you’ll be asked by Keira to help her retrieve a Magic Lamp. Do so to trigger the quest Magic Lamp. Complete that and she’ll invite you back to her house as part of An Invitation from Keira Metz. Do this and she’ll finally hand you A Towerful of Mice.

- Once the quest is laid out you need to find your way to Fyke Isle, a remote island to the southeast of Midcopse, where Keira more or less lives. You can swim there if you wish, but it’s easier to head down to the shoreline on the outskirts of Midcopse and grab a boat. Watch out for Drowners on the shores.

- Upon arrival at Fyke Isle you’ll find some Rotfiends waiting on the shores, assuming you approach from the north. Dispatch them - remember, they explode when they get weak! - and wander east. You’ll soon hit a circular, stony area with several Drowners in residence. Dispatch them as necessary, and check along the stones for a path down into a half-flooded chamber. A chest inside contains some swag for you.

- Continue down the road to the east. Ghouls will hit you next, and as the island widens you can find a sizeable gang of Rotfiends patrolling the north. You can avoid them if you’re careful, but if you do decide to take them all down, drawn them away from one another in smaller groups. Taking on the whole lot of them at once is a baaaad idea. At this point you’ll also start running into occasional, irritating clouds of bugs; a quick burst of Igni will take them out.

- There’s a dock along the southern shore where you can find a chest with some minor items, and not far from it is another band of Ghouls to kill. You’ll find these on the edge of a laaaaarge, yellow area of interest on your map. The rather annoying geography of this small section of the island can make killing the things a pain, as they like to flank you, so do your best to split them up and kill them one-at-a-time. There are a fair number of items to find in and around the cabins, particularly in a heap of bags and crates on the eastern end of the final cabin.

- Check out the southeast section of Fyke Isle before approaching the Isle’s main keep. You’ll find a Ghoul nearby, another pack of Rotfiends near the tip of the Isle, and a conspicuous green cloud. Equip your Magic Lamp (accessible via the same menu where you would change your signs) and shine it on the cloud. You’ll get a quick gander of several ghosts, none of whom care a bit about Gerald.

- The grounds around the Tower, beyond the wooden walls, are protected by a Water Hag. Kill her off. There’s a fair amount of swag in the huts and along the walls, if you feel like exploring, as well as another ghost encounter on the north side of the tower, but no more enemies to kill.

Anabella, the unfortunate shade in A Towerful of Mice.
There's more to her than meets the eye.
- Enter the tower via the southern stairs. You’ll find evidence of bad stuff, another ghost memory, and some loot down here. Also, mice. There’s more loot and another ghost spot in the basement.

- Head upstairs from the ground floor. There’s another ghost on the second floor, and yet another will greet you on the third floor. Check the chest on the ramparts for swag, then the small rooms for another ghost and yet more loot. Keep climbing and looting until you hit the fifth, seemingly final floor, then look for two switches by the double bed at the end of the path. Set both of them to the down position to open a secret door nearby.

- Enter the laboratory beyond the secret door. You can find The Mage Alexander’s Log, Part One on a desk and The Mage Alexander’s Log, Part Two on a shelf, along with some other swag in boxes. If you use your Magic Lamp you’ll trigger a cut scene with a ghost that actually acknowledges your presence. Her name is Anabelle, and she’ll tell you her rather sorrowful tale. She’ll then ask you to take her bones to her beloved, a man named Graham. At this point the quest splits.

- (Before you choose a split, though, use the last set of stairs in the laboratory to reach the top of the tower. If you walk onto the planks along the outer wall you can find another chest.)

Take the bones to Graham

Agree to help Anabelle and, after a quick cut scene, you’ll receive Anabelle’s Remains. Head to the village of Oreton, a short sail north of Fyke Isle. (If you don’t have a Fast Travel marker there already you can find a boat near the tower.) You’ll find Graham in a lakeside home on the west side of Oreton. Give him the bones to receive a bundle of experience, then leave his hut. Check it again after you hear some rather painful screams, then go back to Keira to finish the quest. She’ll give you another one, A Favor For a Friend.

Kissy kissy!
Confront Anabelle

This version of the quest is a little more involved. Ignore Anabelle’s request and try to leave the tower. In doing so you’ll invoke her ire, and she’ll reveal herself as a Pesta. Kill the Rats that attack you, then follow the Pesta outside. She’s a simplistic opponent, but she barely takes any damage - that is, unless you throw down a Yrden trap and lure her in. Swipe at her until she disappears.

Head to Oreton and speak to Graham, same place as described above. You can choose to meet him at the island or jump right there. Either way, he’s waiting at the base of the tower. Head inside and a pair of Ghosts will come at you. Treat them like any other spirit, using signs to stall them and slashing at them from behind.

Return to the laboratory. One closing-on-gross cut scene later the tragedy will come to a close, and you’ll get more experience than if you’d taken the other route. Return to Keira with the news to conclude the quest. You’ll get the quest A Favor for a Friend, as above.