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Swamp Palace 1F
- After a short, completely unnecessary intro area you'll be in the dungeon. Use the Hookshot on the pull switch to the north to fill the pit around you with water and swim your way to the northern door.
- The next large room is full of stuff you can't deal with right now. Go through the western door and swim your way to the north. Go down the stairs. (Note that you can kill the seal-like creatures by yanking them out of their flying shells with the Hookshot. Took me a while to figure that one out.)

Swamp Palace B1
- Walk east along the northern wall of this room. In a small adjacent room you'll find a chest containing the dungeon's Compass.
- Backtrack and stand on the raft. Use the Hookshot to drag it south to the metal pole sticking out of the water, then pull it west. You'll reach a chest containing 20 rupees.
- Continue dragging the raft until you reach the southwest door in the room. Once inside, throw a Bomb at the orb switch at the top of the steps to your right. It will reveal a chest containing 300 rupees.
- Return to the raft in the previous room and use it to reach a post on the east side, beside a chest. The chest contains Monster Guts.
- Reenter the room containing the Compass and go east.
- Use the Hookshot to shoot south. Hit the orb in the south of this room to stop the flow of water. Climb the stairs north of the orb to find a Small Key.
- Backtrack to the Compass room again and use the Key on the locked door in the north.
- There's an orb switch to the west in the next room. It will change the flow of the water in the east. Allow yourself to be swept into the pool, then use the Hookshot to hit the orb switch on the right side of this small pool. It will activate another channel of water. Go up the stairs and merge with the wall to reach this water, whereupon you'll be swept west. Use a ranged weapon to hit the final orb switch, then jump in the last flow of water to reach the stairs in the north.

Swamp Palace 1F
- You face a giant jellyfish in this room. Swipe at it when it's vulnerable, use the Hookshot when it's bursting with electricity. Once it explodes into numerous smaller jellyfish, well, use the same tactic until they're all gone. Beating it will unlock a teleporter back to the beginning of the dungeon, as well as two doors: one in the southeast, one in the southwest.
- Go southwest. Use a Bomb or the bomb-like creature to blow open the cracked floor. Drop down into it.
Swamp Palace B1
- You'll drop down a short ways from a Small Key. Use the Hookshot to grab it and use it on the door to the south, still on the grated floor where you've landed.
- You'll emerge in a central room with a giant water control valve. You can use the Hookshot to raise or lower the height of the water.
- Lower the water as far as it can go. Jump down into the water and swim north to find a door. Go through and use the Tornado Rod to bypass the rolling spiked bar in the next room. Room is a chest containing Blue Mail, which cuts enemy damage in half. Sweeeeet.
- Return to the switch room and go through the southeast door in the water pit.
- You'll emerge in a room with a laser-toting green statue. North of it are two pull switches. The right fills the central platform with snakes; the left opens the door in the northwest. Use the Hookshot either way.
Swamp Palace 1F
- Start by dropping down on the button to your right to open a nearby door. Next, use the Hookshot to reach the panel on the north wall. Merge with the wall and walk south to find a platform from which you can mess with another water valve. Raise it two levels to gain access to the chest to your right; it contains a Small Key. Lower the water one level and go through the door you opened earlier.
- Back to the second chamber of the dungeon. Swim through the western door here to find another room filled with water; use the rafts inside to get at the Small Key hidden in the chest in the north. Do the same in the eastern room to find Monster Guts. Once you have both chests, blow through the cracked floor in the eastern room and drop in.

Swamp Palace B1
- Go through the locked door. You're back in the first switch room. Go through the door in the southeast corner of the room.
- Defeat the four seal things in this room to trigger a flow of water in the south. If you require health, use the partially-hidden door in the north to find Fairies. Otherwise, Hookshot south to get at the stairs.
Swamp Palace 1F
- Swim southwest in the next room and merge with the wall at the top of the stairs you find. Walk east to a platform with two Hookshot icons. Use the water control in the north to lower the water. Jump down and hit the newly-revealed button by the entrance, then use the lower water control to raise the water again. Raise the water one more time from the first water control. Go through the northwest door.
- Back to that danged central room again. The water has now doused the flames surrounding the big chest in the room. Go north to find a platform covered in skulls; one of them hides a button. Step on it to raise a huge platform which will allow you to lower the water level. Grab the Big Key from the chest and use it on the door that's straight ahead. Wooooo! Now the fun part!

Stolen straight from its appearance in A Link to the Past, Arrghus should be familiar to SNES gamers. The battle begins with Arrghus floating slowly around the room, surrounded by gooey eyeballs. It will occasionally fire out, and draw back in, these eyeballs. Use the Hookshot to pry the eyes off of Arrghus one-by-one, and slash them to bits once they're in range. Simply trying to attack them when they're attached to Arrghus won't work.
After the eyeballs are gone, Arrghus will come out to play itself. It has two attacks: either it will leap into the air and try and slam down on Link or it will fire laser blasts from its eye. Either way, stay on the move constantly and slash at its body. Arrghus moves fast, but so long as you're never stationary it won't be that difficult to avoid damage.
Destroying Arrghus will net you the obligatory Heart Container. It also opens the way to the Sage Oren portrait. Woo! More than halfway done!