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Great Swamp, Hyrule
- We'll begin by canvassing these areas for items. In the far south of Hyrule's Great Swamp is a small building, set into the water; to the right of it, at the bottom of a pool, is a Maiamai.
- If you have the Titan Mitts you can get inside the aforementioned building. It contains a treasure hunter puzzle. I haven't completed it yet, so I'll come back to this. Needless to say, it requires equal amounts of Hookshot and Boomerang.
- In the north is a cluster of nine statues. A Maiamai is perched on the middle statue. Dash into the statue to knock it down.
- Near the northern entrance / exit that leads to Link's House is a wall to destroy with a Bomb. Beyond is a fairy fountain with three Fairies to use or capture.
- In the east you'll find a cave, blocked off by large, stone statues. In front of the cave sits a Heart Piece. How do you get it? Soon...
- In the northwest corner of the swamp is a large, stone column. Merge with it and you'll find a crack leading to Lorule. That's as good a segue as any.
- In the far north, near the exit to Lake Hylia, are two stone statues flanking an empty space on the cliff face. Use a Bomb on the blank wall to reveal a cave. Inside the cave you'll find some enemies, a Maiamai you can reach by diving...
- ... and, through a side exit, the Heart Piece mentioned earlier. Woo! Secrets!
- Though this is technically part of the Desert of Mystery, I'll put it here. Visit the canyon in the west of the Swamp and check under the huge rocks. One of them hides a Maiamai.

Great Swamp, Lorule
- To the right of the column is a cave. Assuming you've completed the Thieves' Den dungeon in Thieves' Town, you'll find the Thief Girl hiding out in there. She'll graciously allow you to pluck 100 rupees from the treasure chest nearby.
- Swim south of the column. In the midst of a cluster of rocks is a Maiamai. You'll have to dive down to get it.
- Walk east, to where you found the fairy fountain in Hyrule. The cave isn't there in Lorule, but you'll find a Maiamai clinging to the cliff in virtually that same spot.
- Have you visited the Bomb Flower guy south of Thieves' Town in Lorule? Do so now and drag a Bomb Flower into the Great Swamp. In the southwest corner of the Swamp is a cave blocked by an enormous rock that only a Bomb Flower can destroy. Be exceedingly careful along the way, as a single hit will set the Bomb Flower off. This is especially true near the cave, which is guarded by two pig guards and one flying nasty. Inside the cave are two chests, one containing 100 rupees and the other 300 rupees, and a Heart Piece.
- That's the area canvassed for now. Drag another Bomb Flower into the Great Swamp and use it to destroy the huge rock blocking off the structure in the south. Then use the Hookshot to travel over to it. Activate the weather vane here and you'll have official access to the Swamp Palace, your next dungeon destination. What dread beings await in the deep? Step in and find out.