Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Roadside Pines Motel is located in Natick Banks, a small community in the west of the Commonwealth. It’s just north of the fringes of the Glowing Sea, and can be correspondingly hazardous to your health, given that the surrounding area is populated by Raiders, Ghouls, and the occasionally Deathclaw. Prepare accordingly.

The Roadside Pines Motel is a small, Raider-infested location. Most of them are just standard dudes with guns, but one of them has Raider Power Armor and can prove to be a nuisance if you’re not toting your own protection. Sniping isn’t great given their position, so you only have a few options:
  • Shoot the place up. Honestly, even with the Raider Power Armor helping ‘em out, this isn’t very difficult. There aren’t enough Raiders to give you significant amounts of trouble, and the Motel is enclosed enough that grenades lobbed through windows should work rather well at flushing out your targets. Watch out for one Raider with a Missile Launcher up on the roof.
  • Sneak in. Again, not many Raiders, so this this won’t take too long. This approach has the added benefit of yielding up Raider Power Armor, assuming you have the chops to steal the Fusion Core out of the back of the dude wearing the suit.
Once you’ve cleared the place out you can have a look around, though there’s honestly not much to see:
  • There’s another suit of Raider Power Armor jammed into the corner of the entrance. This suit will be considered theft if you take it, but, who cares, right? It seems somewhat glitchy, so if you can’t hop inside, fast travel away and back again. Companions won’t be able to access the suit until you yourself jump in and steer it away from the wall.
  • There’s plenty of ammo laying about the place. This includes a steamer trunk inside the most complete hotel room. Watch out for a Makeshift Bomb attached to items in the pool.
  • You can find a Novice locked safe behind the reception desk. It contains some ammo and assorted useful items.
  • There’s a Fusion Core plugged into a generator at the rear of the Motel.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a house at the top of the hill behind the Motel. There’s not much in or around said house, mind, but there are two Deathclaws living up here that can give you a run for your money.