Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Natick Banks is a small community on the eastern edge of the Commonwealth, not far from the northern edges of the Glowing Sea. Situated on the rim of a small lake and not exactly huge itself, Natick Banks is pretty easy to miss completely… though if you do travel here, you’ll receive a fun-filled battle with its inhabitants, who are many and varied. And green. Yay!

You may run into one of three situations when you arrive in Natick Banks:
  • You’ll be facing off against Super Mutants. They’re your standard mean greenies: strong, but you can overcome ‘em. The Super Mutants aren’t too spread out, despite the size of the town, and running into the grassy area between a few of the buildings should get everyone’s attention. Find cover in a store and blow them away as you see fit, or sneak around and take them out one-at-a-time. 
  • You’ll be facing off against a Deathclaw. Deathclaws are pretty common ‘round these parts, and you may arrive to find that the Deathclaw has murdered all of the Super Mutants for you. Joy! Given how big the Deathclaw is, you can use the stores to hide away and shoot from the doorways. By the time you get here, mind, you may just be strong enough to go toe-to-toe with one anyway.
  • You’ll be facing off against a Deathclaw and Super Mutants! This is the ‘best’ scenario, as both sides will be keeping each other busy. Interject yourself and help whichever side happens to be losing. You win regardless.
The remains of Natick Banks in Fallout 4.
This here's Deathclaw country.

Watch out for mines on the streets regardless of the situation. Natick Banks is lousy with ‘em. Whether you finish off these inhabitants or just sneak around them, there’s plenty to see in and around Natick:
  • To the north of town you’ll find the Poseidon Reservoir and Roadside Pines Motel. The Reservoir is overrun by Ghouls, while the Motel is owned by a small band of Raiders.
  • East of town is Lake Cochituate. There’s plenty to see in and around the Lake, if you’re willing to go wandering. Most of the stuff of value is on the other side of the Lake, where you can see several ruined homes.
  • You can enter a large number of the buildings in Natick Banks. Most aren’t that useful, but there are some nifty items if you scrounge about. The northern-most building beside the Lake (it appears to be a small cafe) has a Vault-Tec Lunchbox on its second floor; there’s an Advanced locked safe in the basement of the other half of this building, half-collapsed into the Lake; there’s an Expert wall safe (and an informative terminal) in the house near the church; and the church itself has a duffel bag on its roof with some ammo, if you’re willing to risk falling through the holes.
  • Natick Police Department is perched quite precariously on the water’s edge. There’s a Book Return Machine full of junk at the entrance, an Overdue Book in one of the cells, and, in a locker on the lower floor, Eddie Winter Holotape 4. On the second floor is a working terminal that will put the Coast Guard Pier on your map.
  • Southwest of Natick Banks is a warehouse with an Advanced locked safe on its second floor. Heading out this way is likely to evoke the ire of two Deathclaws nearby, so be prepped for a vicious battle if you want that safe.
  • If you head west up the hill from this warehouse you’ll find another, larger warehouse, part of a power station, on the veeeeery edge of the map. There are several Deathclaws up here, and they will be fighting it out with a Behemoth. The Deathclaws don’t have the advantage here, so it’s more to your benefit to help them take down the Behemoth before killing them. The power station has fantastically little of worth to offer, but the Behemoth’s copious drops more than make up for such shortcomings.
  • Almost done. Travel south from Natick Banks along the road. Just as it's ending on the map you'll find the remains of some military vehicles. There's a suit of Power Armor sitting here.