Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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- Hangman’s Alley is located in the heart of Boston, a few blocks north of Diamond City. There’s an excellent chance that you’ll wander across it simply by meandering around the streets of the city, though if you don’t find it on your own Preston will eventually ask you to go clear it out so settlers can move in and take over.

- It’s worth mentioning that although Hangman’s Alley is not that dangerous overall to newer-ish players (between levels 10 and 20, say) the neighbours surrounding it are. There’s a large encampment of Super Mutants to the south that can cause you some severe troubles if you stumble onto their turf. Stick to the main street from the bridge into Boston if you want to avoid these guys.

- Hangman’s Alley consists of a thin, well, alley, dominated by a Raider gang. The ‘front door’ off of the main street leading to Diamond City is barred, so you’ll have to go in through one of two waterfront entrances. If you take the first left after wandering west along the water you’ll find Raiders staring right at you, and you’ll be in for a scrap; if, however, you continue around to the rear, you’ll find a Novice locked door that you can use to creep in and destroy the Raiders quietly. It’s not too difficult a battle either way, as you have lots of cover and the Raiders aren’t packing any crazy firepower.

- Aside from a green trunk in one of the shacks there’s nothing particularly great in Hangman’s Alley besides a few crafting stations. It does, however, have a Workbench, which means…

Setting Up

Hangman’s Alley makes for an odd base compared to many of the places you’ve probably used before. It’s in the middle of the city, in a fairly tight space, with few obvious places to set up food and water. Neat, but not the best choice. Still, you can make Hangman’s Alley work for your settlers. Here are some tips for getting it running:
  • You’ll have to outsource to get parts for a Generator and Recruitment Radio Beacon, as Hangman’s Alley doesn’t have an appreciable source of Copper or Circuitry. Diamond City nearby has both. You can also just set up a quick Supply Line by bringing in someone from another settlement and then connecting Hangman’s Alley to a better source of materials.
  • It may not look the part, but Hangman’s Alley has plenty of space for growing crops and setting up Water Pumps - but the largest space for doing so is outside the barricades in the east. Not well-protected, so you may want to block the waterside entrance to the Alley if you create a food and water supply here.
  • The Alley already has a number of pre-built, tight-knit shacks that will provide adequate shelter for Settlers. That said, you can disassemble almost everything in here and reconfigure it to your liking. Given that the shacks are kinda shitty, this may be a good idea.
  • Hangman’s Alley is easy to defend. Block off one side of the area and enemies will spawn through the other entrance. Place your defences at this entrance and you will maul anything that comes through. Enemies can occasionally spawn inside the Alley, but not very often.