Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The Wreck of the FMS Northern Star is a hulking, washed-up vessel in the far southeast of the Commonwealth. It is the closest location to the bottom-right corner of the map, and can be found on a thin strip of sandy land to the east of Quincy. This area is full of powerful monsters, so you probably won’t be coming out here for a fair while into your journey.

- The Wreck is a Raider base, but if you enter through the hull you won’t necessarily know it at first, since the Raiders generally stay out of the cargo area. Instead you’ll face the possibility of Mirelurks down here. Given that there are Hunters they can be harsh opponents, but there’s also a good chance that you’ll face ‘em wounded, as they spar with the Raiders. You may get shot through the deck plates above if you make too much noise, so be cautious of where you stand.

- Enter through the western end of the Wreck and you can find a cluster of generators, one of which contains a Fusion Core. Start heading west through the Wreck and into the wrecked up shipping crates to, at the far end, find stairs to the deck. You’re less likely to run into Mirelurks if you stay out of the water, but that’s not always possible. This area is a pain if you fall into the water in Power Armor, so consider leaving suits behind before making the trek.

- You’ll face most of the action on the deck. The Raiders have turned the ship into a maze of shipping crates, and in combat they’ll weave between them and try to flank you constantly. Given the excess of cover stealth is a great idea here, though gun battles are not amazingly dangerous either, especially compared to fighting Mirelurk Hunters. Watch out for multiple Turret emplacements as you kill your way towards the front of the ship. (You can turn these, and the spotlights, off via an Expert terminal on the ship’s bridge, a staircase up from where you emerge on the deck.)

- As ever, there are prizes to be gleaned from the base once you’ve killed off all the Raiders:
  • Several of the shipping crates are open, and contain beds and bedside items. Check any that are hollowed out.
  • About halfway up the ship is a deck table with a radio and a lamp on top. Also sitting on the table is a copy of Tale of a Junktown Jerky Vendor.
  • Most of the Raiders are wearing crap armour, but their leader, Rags, has some halfway decent Combat Armor on, in case you need any. (Probably not, since you have to come through Gunner territory to get this far, but still.)
  • There’s a Stealth Boy sitting on a toilet beneath the shack at the far end of the ship.
  • The shack itself contains assorted boxed swag, as well as a Mini Nuke that’s sitting in the open. There’s also an Expert terminal in here, though it, too, is responsible for the Turrets and lights, and won’t be much use.
  • Past the shack and near the ship’s bow is a lifeboat that doubles as an elevator. To the right of it, on the bow it self (or the ramshackle platform that functions as the bow, anyway) is an Agility Bobblehead. Get nice and close to the edge to spot it.