Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Atom Cats Garage is located in the far southeast of the Commonwealth, not far from the Quincy Ruins. You will most likely find it when targeting the Gunners of Quincy, though if you want a safer experience travelling here you may want to swim across the water to the Garage, which is sitting on its own to the north of Quincy. The Castle is a good push-off point for swimming.

Atom Cats Garage is home to the Atom Cats, a faction of Power Armor greasers who are friendly so long as you don’t pull up onto their turf and start causing trouble. There’s a fair amount you can do at this small-but-bustling garage:
  • A dude named Zeke in the twin warehouses just beyond the main gas station. Check the radio in here to find Cats Poetry Night Tape 2
  • Zeke will point you to a girl named Rowdy, who’s hanging out in a storage shed with several Power Armor Stations. She’ll direct you to Warwick Homestead, located a short trip to the east. More on that below. Check the bedrooms in the rear of her little garage for the Cats Poetry Night Tape 3.
  • There’s a suit of Power Armor tucked into the corner of the Power Armor Station shed. The suit is completely stripped down to the frame, so you’re not getting too much, but you can plug a Fusion Core into this thing and ride it out of the Garage without a fuss. That said, any Fusion Core you install will thereafter count as ‘stolen’, so don’t take it out again unless you want to get in trouble.
  • There’s an Unarmed Bobblehead sitting on the front of the rusted-out car in the ‘Nuka Cola’ warehouse.
  • There’s a Fusion Core on the north side of the twin warehouses.
  • In the northeast of camp is a trailer with a terminal and safe, though opening the latter counts as theft. Check the table beside the bed for Cats Poetry Night Tape 1 and a copy of Hot Rodder magazine.
  • Outside and to the west of this trailer is another suit of Power Armor, complete save for the head, behind Laser Tripwires. It, too, counts as stolen merchandise, but the Atom Cats still don’t give a damn if you hop in - just don’t remove anything from it in the process.

Warwick Homestead Test

- Rowdy’s task is pretty simple: fix a pump at Warwick Homestead. It’s a short trip to the east, though if you aren’t careful you might into trouble along the way. There are tons of Gunners in the Quincy Ruins, Raiders in Poseidon Energy, and, along the beach, Bloatflies and Ghouls. Stick to the beaches for a minimum of hassle.

- The Homestead is on the northeastern tip of the island. Make the trek, check the small shed attached to the side of the large Homestead building to fix the pump, and speak to June - wherever she is - to finish up. Then head back to the Garage to speak to Rowdy again. (This Homestead is available as a settlement once you get the proper quest, to boot. You might already own it at this point.)

- Egads! The moment you think you’re done, the Garage will come under attack by Gunners. It’s a strong attack force, but you have a lot of cover - and, better, all of the Atom Cats, many of them in Power Armor, will be on hand to blow the crap out of the opposition. 

- Help fight the Gunners off and you’ll be considered a full friend of the Atom Cats, given full run of their ‘digs’, earn some experience, and, best of all, you’ll receive Zeke’s Jacket and Jeans. Ooo. This will also earn you a discount with Bluejay, the first Atom Cats vendor, and Rowdy will be available as a Power Armor parts and mods vendor. She has a full Power Armor Frame for sale, if you need one (not likely), and the Atom Cats Custom Paint Job. Both are so expensive that it’s cheaper to try and steal one of the existing Atom Cats suits.