Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Lynn Woods is a small, wrecked settlement located in the north-northeast of the Commonwealth. If you head east from Sanctuary on the way to the coast you’ll probably come across it. By far the most prominent landmark here is the large, stone tower off to the side of the ramshackle huts that comprise Lynn Woods.

Lynn Woods is abandoned until you attempt to climb the tower. A short way up a grenade trap will try to blow you up, and when you reach the top several Raiders will appear at the bottom and begin to harangue you. At the very top is a siren, and if you trigger the circuit breaker on it you’ll attract the attention of two Deathclaws, which will promptly attack the Raiders. This means you have one, possibly two Deathclaws to kill, of course, but you can safely do some from the tower without the Deathclaw(s) coming anywhere near you.

This battle aside, there’s fantastically little to see or do in the small Lynn Woods settlement, as you can’t resettle here and there are few items to grab. We’ll have a look around the area regardless:
  • The settlement’s shacks have a few odds and ends, though you won’t find anything great, save for two things: a cache of equipment in a Master locked steamer trunk and a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide, sitting on a sleeping bag near the steamer trunk.
  • To the east of Lynn Woods is the much more remarkable Parsons State Insane Asylum. It’s owned by a band of Mercenaries (Gunners in all but name, really) who will attack you if you encroach on their turf. You can’t enter the Asylum unless you’re on a specific quest, so there’s not much point going there now.
  • To the northeast of Lynn Woods is Parsons Creamery, a wrecked factory that is now inhabited by Raiders. Like Lynn Woods, it, too, is pretty boring, with only an Advanced safe in the first floor office. The Creamery also has a role to play in the aforementioned quest.
  • Head southwest from Lynn Woods and down the bluffs and you’ll start running into some fairly powerful Mirelurks. This culminates in a battle with a Mirelurk Queen if you follow the winding river to its terminating point in the north. This Queen respawns periodically, so if you want to fight ‘em over and over, for some reason...