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Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Recruit Nick Valentine
Trigger: Speak to Nick with high affection
Reward: 400 XP

In order to trigger this personal quest for Nick you must first get him to warm up to you, as well as have two other conversations with him. Once that’s done he’ll ask you to help him on his quest to hunt down Eddie Winter, one of his old nemeses. (Or, you know, the real Nick’s old nemesis. Whatever.) There are plenty of ways to please Nick:
  • Do nice things in general. Any time you help people in his presence he’s likely to approve.
  • Do nice things for free. At the very least don’t haggle for more money. He dislikes haggling.
  • Avoid violence. Nick is willing to fight, but he doesn’t like to be the instigator, and the same goes for you. You’re likely to receive his approval if you find a non-violent path out of a dangerous situation.
  • Pick locks and hack computers successfully. Nick approves of both. This is probably the fastest way to improve his affection score.
In other words, be good. Nick will come around eventually.

Once you’ve won Nick over he’ll reveal more about his nature and tell you about the case of Eddie Winter. He’ll then ask that you help him track down ten Holotapes that record Eddie’s exploits, and contain a code to Eddie’s hideout. You can get more information on the Holotapes from the Cambridge Police Station’s evidence terminal, in one of the back rooms. (There’s also a Holotape near the terminal called Operation Winter’s End, but it’s not much use.) Visiting more of the police stations across the Commonwealth will yield up more info on the locations of the Holotapes.

Want to skip ahead? Here’s where you can find each of the Eddie Winter Holotapes:
  • 0 - BADTFL Regional Office, northeast of Diamond City - Central Commonwealth - On a filing cabinet in the northeast corner of the building, near several jail cells
  • 1 - Given by Nick when you start the quest
  • 2 - Malden Police Station, next to Malden Center - Northern Commonwealth - On a desk on the second floor
  • 3 - Quincy Police Station, in Quincy Ruins - Southeastern Commonwealth - In the Police Lockup, sitting in a locker
  • 4 - Natick Police Department, in Natick Hills - Southwestern Commonwealth - In a locker on the first floor
  • 5 - Nahant Sheriff’s Department, northeast of Boston Airport - Eastern Commonwealth - Sitting on a filing cabinet on the second floor
  • 6 - East Boston Police Station, north of Boston Airport - Eastern Commonwealth - In a desk on the second floor
  • 7 - South Boston Police Department, west of Diamond City and near the Castle - Eastern Commonwealth - In an office on the second floor
  • 8 - Police Precinct 8, northeast of Diamond City - Central Commonwealth - In one of the cells
  • 9 - Coast Guard Pier, southwest of Diamond City - Western Commonwealth - Atop a locked safe on the ground floor
Once you’ve collected all ten Holotapes, take them to Nick. He’ll figure out the code and tell you to head to your final destination, Andrew Station. It’s a subway stop right beside South Boston Police Station. Nick disappears at this point, and even if you follow him you can’t subdue him as a companion, so feel free to bring someone else along to help if you want.

Andrew Station, Eddie Winter's current hideout
in Fallout 4. Long Time Coming indeed.
Andrew Station

- Andrew Station has been turned into a stronghold by Raiders, and you’ll have a fun time getting in. The Raiders at the top of the escalators are surprisingly powerful, and it’s much, much easier to just sneak by them. There’s plenty of cover here if you prefer a firefight, however.

- Once you enter Andrew Station, assuming he wasn’t near you before (unlikely), Nick will appear. He’ll stalk ahead constantly and help deal with enemies. There will be several near the ticket booth; you can handle them yourself or unleash a Protectron to help you.

- Down on the platform you’ll find a Novice terminal on your right. You can use it to disable the spotlights shining on the track, making it a bit easier to fight here in general, whether you’re feeling sneaky or want to fight in the open. There’s a Turret within sight of the terminal, on the other side of the tracks, and more Raiders to boot. Look along the southern tracks for a room, right in the middle of the tracks, with a Vault-Tec Lunchbox.

- There’s an Expert safe on the other side of the tracks, near track level; otherwise, you’re forced north along the western platform. Watch out for a Turret watching the next room. Beyond is a length of track full of barricades and Raiders, and you’ll probably be forced into a shootout. Check the train to your right for another Vault-Tec Lunchbox.

- Let Nick take the lead and he’ll guide you to a keypad. Trigger it and wander inside the door it opens. Scenes will happen, and you-know-who will go down. Once he does, check his body for Eddie’s Peace, the rest of the room for some goodies (including a safe that you can open by terminal or sheer fingerwork), and follow Nick out.

- Nick will guide you to a room with another Turret and a few more Raiders. Dust the lot, then check behind the bar - specifically, the shelf behind the bar - to find a button that will open a nearby security door, allowing you to get at a steamer trunk full of goodies, as well as yet another Vault-Tec Lunchbox. Follow Nick up the stairs and you’ll find Joe Spuckie’s Basement Key on a low shelf beside a ladder out of here.

- Speak to Nick outside the shop. He’ll have his moment, and when he’s done his affection towards you will be maximized. This will earn you the Close to Metal Perk, which gives you an extra guess at terminals and decreases the amount of cooldown time needed after an unsuccessful hacking attempt. Pretty sweet overall.

Main Walkthrough