Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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- You’ll find the Brewery in the northeast of the map, not far from the shoreline, in a densely-packed industrial sector. If you’ve liberated the Castle for the Minutemen you’ll be a short trip west to the Brewery. The Brewery is connected to the Restaurant, and since it’s the easier of the two buildings to enter, we’ll go here first.

- The area surrounding the Brewery belongs to two species, the Mirelurks and the Super Mutants, and depending on how you approach you’ll almost certainly run into at least one of ‘em, if not both. The Super Mutants in particular have a strong presence if you wander south a bit, as they’ve set up a base around The Gwinnett Restaurant. Be ready to fight, is what I’m saying.

- There’s only one entrance to the Brewery, and it’s right up front. You’ll find some locked lockers (imagine that) in the reception area, as well as two terminals. The first, by the desk, is useless; the second, by the door, will open said door into the Brewery. The second terminal has an Advanced lock, and the door itself has an Expert lock. Take your pick. (If you cannot get through either of these, which is unlikely if you’re all the way out here, skip down to the Gwinnett Restaurant. You’ll find the entrance a little ways south of the Brewery, and it’s teeming with Super Mutants.)

- You’ll start off on a catwalk, and a ramp on your right leads into the water. Ignore it and hop onto the pipes that snake across the Brewery, between the brewing tanks. You can follow this to find an office with some ammo in boxes (mind you look on the right for a more considerable box), a terminal of very little use, and a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, sitting beside the terminal.

- If you keep following the pipes on your right as you leave the office you’ll find a catwalk that leads to a door out to the roof. There are two locked structures up here, one of which is barred from the inside, the other of which just has an Advanced lock. Shoot the bar in the former room and you can get at a computer with the Gwinnett Stout Recipe Holotape, which teaches you that very same recipe. This computer will also (I suspect, anyway) put the Shamrock Taphouse and the Hotel Rexford - and maybe Diamond City? - on your map. The other locked room contains very little of import.

- Back inside and to the entrance. Head down the ramp on your right from the door. There’s water below, and the telltale Mirelurk Eggs down here should give you a hint of what you’ll encounter. This will be borne out the moment you explore to your left, as there are two Mirelurks hiding down here that will burst out when you make noise. The eggs will also hatch and reveal Hatchlings. Shotguns are a good choice for quick kills, and V.A.T.S. will help with the extreme number of targets you may face.

- You can wander around in the water at the bottom of the room as much as you like, but ultimately you’ll be forced to the east, where you’ll find a hole in the wall. (It’s at the bottom of the ramp from the front room, so it’s not tough to find.) The pipe leads into the Gwinnett Restaurant…

The front door of Gwinnett Restaurant.
This is your last-ditch measure for entering the Brewery.

Gwinnett Restaurant

- … and into Super Mutant territory! That said, you need to off a few more Mirelurks before you leave the pipes. Fight your way out, bearing in mind that stealth really doesn’t work down here. (Also, the pipes are screwy. Mirelurks seem to leap into the ceiling randomly.)

- After finding a small tank farm and killing one more Mirelurk you’ll find a series of small floors with stairs leading ever upward. The Super Mutants are here, and since they level along with you they’re fairly strong. Still, most of them are blocked by a security gate, so you should only have to fight one directly. Get to the top level and you’ll find a Novice terminal that will open the way to a larger area with more Super Mutants to annihilate.

- Before entering the main Restaurant, check the maintenance room behind the bar area. Beside the Chemistry Workbench is a cabinet. Atop the cabinet, beside a rather crappy Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, is a Gwinnett Brewery Password Holotape. This is your key to the Gwinnett Brewery if you couldn't get in earlier.

- The initial bar area has a Novice terminal of no use behind the bar. Also back here is an elevator that leads down one floor, and is only of much use if you decide you want to sneak around. Among other things in the dining area you’ll find an Advanced locked door back out to South Boston, one that will take you behind the Super Mutants guarding the front of the Restaurant. Regardless of your approach, loud or quiet, this route is preferable. Clearing out these dudes will clear the area, and, if you were sent here by Knight Rhys for Cleansing the Commonwealth, complete your quest.

- Head south through the Restaurant and you can find the front door, though it will put you in a rather vulnerable position against the Super Mutants waiting out front. If you can’t get through the computer or door in the Brewery, you’ll wind up coming through these guys to get inside.