Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Prerequisites: Begin Semper Invicta
Trigger: Speak to Scribe Haylen
Reward: 103 Bottlecaps, 200 XP

- You’ll first trigger this quest after completing Call to Arms with Paladin Danse. After returning to the Cambridge Police Station you can speak to Danse and he’ll reassign you to assist his Recon Squad, which triggers Semper Invicta. Semper Invicta then leads to two other quests; Quartermastery is the quest you’ll get for speaking to Scribe Haylen.

- Semper Invicta is a randomized quest. When you take it Scribe Haylen will give you an item she needs you to procure, and the area in which it’s suspected to reside. You then need to visit that area, grab the item, and bring it back to her. Sounds simple, but it’s usually not, because the areas she wants you to visit are usually full of enemies, traps, and other nasty nonsense. It’s a less predictable quest than Rhys’, though with greater overall rewards, as you need to look through a lot of boxes to find what Rhys wants. Here are some suggestions for getting the job done:
  • Search high and low. Most of the time the item Rhys wants will be in some kind of box or package or whatnot.
  • Bring companions who are good at opening stuff if you aren’t. Quite often these items will be behind locked doors, for example. Nick Valentine is a solid choice if you’re bad at getting through security, as he can open locks and hack through security.
  • Clear areas out. Most of the time you’ll be visiting new places. You’ll find lots of cool stuff wherever you go.
Yep. That’s all. Bring your ill-gotten-gains back to Haylen after retrieval for your reward. Once you’ve completed Quartermastery Haylen will want something else, so feel free to do this quest as many times as you like. It’s a good source of caps and experience (though if you’re going for speed, Rhys’s quest takes less time).