Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Prerequisites: Complete Call to Arms
Trigger: Speak to either Knight Rhys or Scribe Haylen
Reward: 327 XP

- Once you’ve finished the Brotherhood of Steel quest Call to Arms, return to the Cambridge Police Department and speak to Danse, then chat with either Rhys and Haylen, the members of the Recon Team. Both of them will give you separate missions to complete. For Rhys it’s Cleansing the Commonwealth; for Rhys it’s Quartermastery.

Rhys’s quest is the more dangerous of the two. In it you need to visit an area he designates - usually somewhere somewhat nearby, and almost always within the city limits of Boston - and clear it of Ghouls. Specifically, you need to kill one Ghoul, though there are always plenty more wandering around to give you trouble.

Haylen’s quest is a bit easier, usually, though it requires more exploration and takes a bit longer. Haylen wants you to go hunting for a particular item, again in some random location somewhere in the Commonwealth. The enemies you face while doing so are more varied than Rhys’s requests, so be prepared for anything. 

Both of these quests are renewable, so every time you complete one you can return to Rhys and Haylen for another quest. They’re a solid source of caps and experience if you’re short on one or the other, as both require little time to complete. They’re also a great way to get locations on your map without having to risk blind exploration. Complete one of each and you’ll also finish Semper Invicta.

(Yep. That’s it. Shrug?)