Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- You’ll find Hardware Town a few streets to the southwest of Diamond City. Upon arrival you’ll see a Settler who insists that ‘she’ is hurt; follow the woman inside.

- The Settler will tell you to head into the back. Don’t follow her right away. Instead, hold up a sec. You’ll hear a few idiots whispering about a fairly obvious ambush in waiting. If you head into the back they’ll open fire, which just ain’t wise. Instead, slip over to the top-right corner of the store and wait juuuust outside the door the Settler went through. The guys will keep talking…

- … and, pretty soon, one will come looking for you. And another. And then another, a named dude called Demo. All three come separately, assuming you don’t make much noise, and you can pick them off one-at-a-time. Otherwise, there’s lots of cover in here if you’d rather engage in a firefight. Yay! Corpses to loot! (The Settler will also come back if you make lots of noise, now a Raider, though if you’re quiet she’ll stay in a rear room.)

- Once the idiot Raiders are gone you’re free to have a look around. You can find the following:
There are Armor and Weapon Workbenches behind the front desk, back where the Settler wanted you to go.
  • There’s a spacious back room to the first floor. There are tons of items in here, sitting in boxes, out in the open, and, oddly, in many of the dryers. Huh. There’s a Paint Station in the back with lots of yellow and blue paint, as well, if you felt a hankering for green. A door at the rear leads back outside. You can climb onto the shelves via the stairs near the door; you’ll find more items up here. This includes an Advanced safe on the far side of the room. (If you can’t jump your way over, don’t stress it. There’s nothing amazing inside.)
  • Hardware Town has a basement that’s accessible multiple ways (two holes in the floors, another exit to the street, and plain ‘ol stairs). Along with a slew of bodies - former victims? - there’s a locked Novice toolbox down here with nothing special inside.
  • You can reach the second floor via the stairs in the warehouse, as well as an improved ramp that runs through the bathroom from the basement. The open room up here contains a steamer trunk with various goodies. There’s also an issue of Picket Fences on the desk. At the end of the hall is an Advanced locked door; inside you’ll find a Bottlecap Mine, a Stealth Boy, several other lesser items in boxes and bags, and a Master locked safe. Shockingly, the safe doesn’t contain anything particularly good - just a bunch of ammo. 
- Almost done. First, have a look at the rear of Hardware Town, through the door at the back of the warehouse. There are two Raiders out here chatting about their scam, and they have a funny story to tell. Listen to them for a bit before taking them out. You can find a Power Armor Station out back.