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Prerequisites: None
Trigger: Speak to Supervisor White at Graygarden
Reward: A bunch of produce, 229 XP

- You’ll first receive this quest when visiting the Graygarden, a greenhouse / general garden to the south of Concord. (You’ll know it when you see robots galore floating about.) Once here, look for Supervisor White, one of the head robots, tending to the plants in the greenhouse. Speak to her until she mentions the local water, then agree to help her out for the quest to activate.

- Supervisor White wants you to clean up the water hereabouts by visiting the Weston Water Treatment Plant. You can more or less see it from the Graygarden, sitting to the southwest on the banks of the nearby river. It should be a safe trip there…

- … though on the way you might want to check out the small Graygarden Homestead. If you can unlock the Expert door into the basement you’ll find a bunch of stuff of varying amounts of worth (as well as an amusing poster in the bathroom), and, uh… that’s about it. Shrug? There’s a Camera, at least…

The Weston Water Treatment Plant in Fallout 4.
Super Mutants!
Weston Water Treatment Plant

- This thing sticks out like a sore thumb. Take a moment to look closely at the Plant before you get too close, because the grounds - basically a series of catwalks, lit by lanterns at night - is patrolled by a mob of Super Mutants. These bruisers are packing all manner of weapons, from melee to machine guns to missile launchers (well, one fires missiles, anyway), and they’re very good at killing anyone who just tries to rush in. There are a few approaches you can take here: 
  • The first is to suit up in your Power Armor and try to slag these guys from cover. Draw them away from the Plant, into the hills, and blow them away when they rush at you. (And they will. Oh will they ever.) 
  • The second is to snipe them from the hills, changing position every few shots to make sure they don’t spot you and start peppering you with gunfire. Be ready for close-ranged weapons in case they spot you, which will probably happen unless you’re really good. Their Mongrels are particularly eager to rush through the water and come find you.
  • The third, probably the most dangerous, is to sneak onto the platform and stealthily take them out with melee attacks. They are very strong with their own melee weapons, so I don’t recommend this last option to beginners. (And if you’re this good you can just sneak into the Plant without killing anything anyway. You won’t miss much, besides some ammo in the shacks along the grounds. A Stealth Boy can help with this if you don’t want to fight but suck at stealth.)

The main thing to note about these guys, besides their overall strength - plus that bastard with his awesome Missile Launcher - is one Super Mutant carrying a Mini Nuke. He’ll emerge from beneath the platforms when you start shooting, and will try to track you down and sacrifice himself for his mates. if you shoot the Mini Nuke in his arms you’ll create a lovely explosion that’ll wipe him out, and, hopefully, some of his friends.

- Once you’ve dealt with the Mutants, one way or another, you’ll find the entrance to the Plant at the base of the building, reached by crossing a stretch of whiteish grass and hopping onto a nearby platform. Pop inside.

- In the front office you’ll find a terminal behind the main desk. Check it and your map will be updated with information from the Office Supply Order. Behind this desk you’ll find a locker room with some assorted ammo, a few medical items, and, uh, Hard Hats? Lots of Hard Hats.

- Down the hall and on your left you’ll find an Advanced locked door. (Basic stuff inside. Don’t worry much about missing it. Seriously, it’s just a broom closet.) Also here are stairs up to the roof of the Plant, where, inside a small rooftop office, you’ll find a Novice terminal that you can hack into to turn off a spotlight somewhere else, as well as pop open an Expert safe right beside the terminal. The safe contains three Fragmentation Grenades, a Fragmentation Mine, a RadAway, a Stealth Boy, and some other basic supplies.

- Back inside. Down the hall from the front desk is an elevator. Hop on and it’ll take you down one floor. Be ready, as there’s a Turret on your left when you come out of the elevator. Be kneeling to get some immediate cover before you blow it away. There’s a terminal in the niche on your left; it contains more (somewhat questionable) info on the Plant. Also on the left are two doors, including one that’s locked. You can ignore it completely by going through the bathroom. Inside you’ll find assorted ammo, as well as a Chemistry Station.

- Go down the stairs straight ahead. You’ll find a huge flooded room blocked by a non-functioning door; discovering this will update the quest. You need to clear this room out. Beside the terminal is a Pump Control Switch; hit this to get rid of the water.

- Go back to the office and take a left. There’s a door with a red light beside it ahead. Unlock the door, then look up and to your right. You’ll see a Turret, though it won’t see you yet. Blow it away, then duck into the office to your left and do the same to the second Turret on the left side of the room, which has probably opened fire. Use V.A.T.S. if you can’t spot the Turrets in the gloom. Alternatively, sneak into the office and use the terminal in here to just deactivate the Turrets. (You should do this anyway, as there are more Turrets ahead.) Check the Expert safe beside the terminal for a bunch of ammo and other stuff.

A Softshelled Mirelurk. Peekaboo!
- Kay. You now have two doors you can use to access the underside of the Plant, both of which lead to the same catwalk - one patrolled by Softshelled Mirelurks. These things aren’t amazingly strong, but they’re durable enough to take a lot of abuse before going down. Power Armor is ideal for thrashing ‘em. Barring that, use your strongest close-ranged weapons (Shotguns!) and aim for their heads in V.A.T.S when they get close. Shooting the shell is about as useful as you’d expect. Do enough damage and Mirelurks may flee, though it’s still best to straight up kill the things.

- On the left side of the flooded section is another red button door leading to a narrow hallway. At the end is an Advanced locked door that leads to a cache of minor supplies. Meh. The door on the right of the hallway leads to a small room with another Turret (hope you turned them off!) and, beyond that, another Pump Control Switch. A Mirelurk will hop out at you when you go through the door; be ready to blast it.

- Hitting this switch will lower the water again, spawning more Mirelurks on the previous catwalks. To move around easily you’ll need to blast the bastards. If you can, shoot at ‘em from the end of the catwalk near the switch; barring that, use your previous close-ranged blasting tactics to take them down. Whatever you do, stay out of the water. It’s bad. Try to kill them all before moving on.

- Return to the first two red button doors and go down the second flight of stairs. These will curve to the right and take you to another Pump Switch. Guess what it does! This will (almost) completely empty the room and allow you to reach the bottom. Down here you’ll find more Mirelurks, though these ones bury themselves in the dirt, and only rise up when you get close. Look for muddy-looking shells jutting out of the muck.

- If you descend and check the right side of the bottom floor you’ll find a small room (protected by a Turret, so watch out) with assorted ammo and items inside. Nothing stellar. On the left side, aside from another buried Mirelurk, you’ll find stairs leading down into more water. (And the final two Turrets. Please have turned these off, yo.) Go through the opened, partially submerged door on your left to find stairs up to another pump switch that will get rid of the last of the water. Go back to the stairs, then check to the right to find the switch that will turn the filtration systems back on.

- Yay! All done. Go through the double doors next to the filter switch to find a box filled with ammo, as well as an elevator. It will carry you back outside, where you’ll discover that the outer ring of defences where the Super Mutants harassed you before is now free of water. Fancy! (Hopefully they’re all dead, though.) Return to Graygarden from here for your reward. (Fruits and veggies? Really? You cheap-ass robot.) You’ll also gain access to Graygarden as a livable area, and Supervisor Greene will give you discounts on stuff. Noice.