Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Prerequisites: None
Trigger: Locate Drumlin Diner and speak to one of the NPCs
Reward: Varies; see below (though you always get 172 XP)

- You’ll most likely trigger this quest on your way to Diamond City for the first time, as it’s found on the road leading south from Concord. Watch for signs of a red-roofed building on your left as you wander south along the road.

- Upon approach you’ll hear yelling, and you’ll see a pair of NPCs, Wolfgang and Simone, standing outside the Diner. Talk to Wolfgang to get the skinny on the situation - the owner’s son owes him money - then prepare to make some choices.

- Though this quest ultimately boils down to two decisions - support Trudy, in the Diner, or support Wolfgang - there are multiple ways it can play out:
  • Agree to help Wolfgang. You’ll get into a gun fight with Trudy and her son Patrick. Once they’re dead Wolfgang will take over the Diner and use it to vend his chems, if you ever need any. You’ll get 100 Bottlecaps for helping.
  • Agree to help Trudy. The gun fight is reversed, and you’ll have to kill Wolfgang and Simone. Trudy keeps her Diner and uses it as a spot to vend. You’ll again get 100 Bottlecaps. You can also convince her, with high enough Charisma, to pay you 200 Bottlecaps instead.
  • Try to negotiate a peace with Wolfgang. If your Charisma is high enough you can persuade him to leave Trudy alone, allowing everyone to survive. You can thereafter utilize Wolfgang and Judy, as well as their respective helpers, to sell you stuff. This is the best option overall, and your companions will typically agree. Note that if you fail any of your Charisma checks Wolfgang will immediately attack, so don’t go this route unless you’re convinced you can win him over. (You’ll still get 100 Bottlecaps from Trudy for the help.)

(If you’re forced to make a choice, go with Trudy. Wolfgang’s drugs are useful in some circumstances, but Trudy has a lot more stuff on offer, some of it quite good early in the game.)

- One last thing: I’ve noticed that Trashcan Carla likes to linger here during the gunfight. Try not to shoot her accidentally, yeah? She won't like that.