Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Prerequisites: None
Trigger: Approach Lexington / College Square
Reward: 343 XP

- Though there are no prerequisites for this quest, in order to properly trigger it you need to wander around Lexington and / or College Square until you get Military Frequency AF95 on your Pip-Boy’s radio. Tune in to learn the details. If you haven’t visited these areas yet, you’ll find them to the southeast of Sanctuary. I recommend skulking around the south of Lexington, away from the main streets, to find the signal - particularly because there are mines on the road leading up to College Square from the western roads. Ow.

- The signal describes an attack underway at the Cambridge Police Station. Head to College Square, in the west of Lexington, and you’ll almost certainly hear gunfire. (You can also find it for certain just by following the roads south of Concord, with an eye on your left.) Once you arrive you’ll find several friendly NPCs under attack by Feral Ghouls; find a spot off to the side and help them kill the bastards. They’ll be fine, so long as you help with the shooting. Don’t walk down the main streets, as you’ll have to kill dozens of Ghouls just to get to the Police Station. Stick to side streets.

- Once you’ve killed enough Ghouls, speak to Paladin Danse, the Brotherhood of Steel dude in Power Armor. Chat with him and he’ll ask if you want to help out. (If you question his questions you’ll get some extra experience; if you have enough Charisma you can get him to pay you. How much? I don’t know! Regardless, your more charitable compatriots won’t like it.) Agree to help to complete Fire Support and trigger a new quest, Call to Arms.