Fallout 4 Walkthrough: Side Areas - Revere Beach Station

- Revere Beach Station is located along the far eastern shores of the Commonwealth. You’ll find it, predictably, just south of the Revere Satellite Array, and as a consequence you should be careful travelling through the area. The Super Mutants on the Array are incredibly hostile, and can see you from a mile away. Tread cautiously unless you want a fight, and if they do start firing, watch out for their resident Suicider.

- The area around the Station is of some interest. Aside from the Array there’s also a cluster of buildings just to the south of the Station, and there’s plenty of stuff to see in and around them:
  • The buildings abutting the water are populated by a band of Raiders, one of whom is wearing partial Power Armor. Given that fact, as well as some canine support, it’s not wise to take them heads on; try to weave through the burnt-out buildings for cover. These buildings are full of the usual assortment of stuff.
  • In the north, just past the entrance to Revere Beach Station, there’s a blue-ish building with a terminal on the first floor. This is the Book Return Reward Machine, and it will give you prizes in exchange for Book Return Tokens. You can get these by returning Overdue Books (you’ve probably found them in a variety of odd places) as well as on the corpses of the Raiders you killed getting here. Most of the items on offer are of middling use, but there’s a Fusion Core and five Stimpaks available that would fit your collection of oddities nicely. 
  • Check the upper floor of this same building (it appears to be an arcade) for a Master locked steamer trunk, and beside it a Cooking Station with an issue of Live & Love beside it.
  • There are two buildings on the other side of the street from the Raider base. One is a burnt-out house with nothing of real value inside; the other is a large garage with a chained door that you can’t access. Climb up the tree at the back to get onto the roof, where you'll find some ammo and a Caps Stash, then drop inside through the hole. The first room is nothing special, but the second contains a Power Armor Station, and you can find more items up the stairs to your right.
Revere Beach Station

- As the name hints, the Station is a subway station. You can find it in the cluster of buildings that crowd the beach in this part of the Commonwealth, and if you approach from the street you can get in without Raiders noticing… though be careful of a pair of searchlights flanking the entrance of the Station.

- Straight ahead from the entrance there’s a ticketing office that you can enter via a door on the left. There are two Radroaches in the first part of the office, and another in a rear office (this one was Legendary for me, not that it was any tougher to kill for it). A Novice locked terminal in the first office will activate a Protectron to wander around and get attention for you.

- Return to the main hall. The left passage is blocked by a chained door, so take a right. There’s a maintenance room on your right that leads to a laaaaarge number of Radroaches; be ready with V.A.T.S. to take them out quickly. There are bathrooms on both sides of the end of the hall; there’s nothing of much use in either, though watch out for a shotgun trap in the last stall of the men’s bathroom. Also at the end of the hall is a box wire with an explosive trap that will go off if you don’t disable it first. The box, ironically, contains a bunch more explosives.

- On the left is a stairway down to track level. On your first right is a small cafe, and there are two Raiders hanging out in here. It’s easy to get the drop on them before they notice you, though loud gunshots will attract other Raiders from an adjacent area. Also over here is a door locked by an Advanced terminal. Hack it open for some items. On the left from the stairs is another Protectron / terminal combo that you can activate for some help.

- The track sweeps downward on your right, and there are Raiders at the far end. It’s very easy to snipe them from a distance; a mad rush is less preferable. Past them is a subway car, and on the other end of the subway car is the bulk of the Raider base down here. You’ll probably be staring a Raider in the face the moment you pop open the front door on the train. Unless you’re sniping people quietly, it’s wise to hop off the train and take a left; then you can sweep around and catch the Raiders from the side. There are lots of them, but there’s also lots of cover ‘round here. (For the record, if you’re performing a rescue mission, the captive is on the right after you get out of the train.)

- Once you’ve swept the Raiders you can explore more freely. There’s a sleeping area at the rear of their base with a steamer trunk full of goodies, and if you feel like eating there’s a Cooking Station in a small clearing. On the left there’s another subway car that will take you back towards the other side of the original platform. Watch out for Raiders patrolling the inside.

- You’ll soon wind up back on the platform, albeit on the side you couldn’t reach earlier. There’s a Advanced locked door on your right once you get off the train; inside you’ll find some explosives in a crate. Also on your right are two chain-locked doors, and inside you’ll find a slew of Feral Ghouls, both moving and unmoving. V.A.T.S. them before they can crowd you. The room has goodies, but nothing amazing, so if you’re suffering for health you can safely ignore the doors.

- There are several more Radroaches in a side room off of the tracks and on the platform itself, but other than that you’re mostly home free. Head up the stairs to find the other side of the chain-locked door at the beginning of the Station. (Watch out for a Mine here, though.) Done!

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