Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Prerequisites: Complete Minutemen quests
Trigger: Speak to Preston Garvey or listen to Radio Freedom
Reward: 101 Bottlecaps, 218 XP

- You’ll get this quest randomly from either Preston or Radio Freedom once you get into the meat of the Minutemen quests. There’s no saying when it will pop up, so keep saving settlers and settlements alike until you get the chance. Given where it’s located, this seems more likely to be one of the last Minutemen rescue quests you get.

- Somerville Place is located in the far southeast of the Commonwealth. Unless you’ve been exploring a lot - or you’re late into the game, I guess - you’re not likely to have wandered through these areas too much. Expect lots of encounters with Mongrels, Super Mutants, and Raiders along the way. As with most areas, you’ll avoid trouble with greater frequency if you avoid roads and major routes and stick to the woods, which are abundant down here. Is particularly easy to get there if you stick to the water’s edge and swim when necessary, assuming you can soak up the Rads.

- The Settlers of Somerville Place are having issues with Raiders. Best you waste the bastards, yes? You’ll find them in Hyde Park, found to the northeast of Somerset Place. It’s back within the city limits, and depending on your progression you may find it easier to hop to Diamond City and head southeast. Your choice, though.

Hyde Park

- Hyde Park is a tricky bit of terrain to explore, as much of it has been flooded, making any sort of approach difficult. The Raiders are almost all up on the buildings of the area, as well, and they’ll run between buildings via catwalks to take potshots at you. Your first priority needs to be getting out of the water and onto these catwalks, or, at the very least, into the buildings. You can find a largely-unguarded hole for that very purpose if you check along the northeastern walls.

- The rest of Hyde Park consists of picking your way through the buildings and killing Raiders one room at a time. They’re usually up on the walls, watching the perimeter, but occasionally they’ll patrol through the lower rooms; you can carve up their numbers more quietly by remaining in these rooms. You can also draw them into these rooms with lots of moves to bottleneck them, which is generally safer than exposing yourself on the rooftops. 

- Your target is on the fourth floor of the largest building, found in the south of Hyde Park. He’s accompanied by one other dude typically, but he’s just an advanced Raider, and shouldn’t give you any sort of great trouble. Thrash him to finish up the quest…

- … unless you wanna explore. There are plenty of items to grab, but the vast majority of the stuff you really want is up by the Raider boss. Check the boss himself for some swanky items, the steamer trunk near him for a ton of ammo, and the small, candlelit table in the nearby shelter for a copy of Grognak the Barbarian. (There’s also a funny / threatening little note named Signed, Your Neighbors pinned to one of the two mattresses up here, if you want to be really thorough. Clearly these guys were popular.)

- All done. Return to Somerville Place for your reward, then go to Preston to receive your experience. This will unlock Somerset Place as a settlement you can use.