Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- Well holy sheeit. You’re back outdoors. The world looks kinda crappy these days. Start by looking around the immediate area. There’s not a ton to see, but if you look in the small, white structure beside Vault 111’s elevator you can find a first aid kit on the wall. It contains a Stimpack, a Rad-X, and Purified Water. Also in here is a big, red button, and if you push it you’ll activate the elevator back down to Vault 111. Eventually you may want to go back down there. You should also check the yellow crates around the Vault, because, among other things, they contain RadAway, which eliminates Rad damage.

- The world more or less opens up from this point on, and you can wander off in a few directions, but we’ll stick with the main quest for now. Head back down the hill, the way you originally came, towards the town where your dude or ma’am originally lived. You can harvest some Hubflowers along the way, which will be good for crafting later in the game. Similarly, there are Blood Flowers if you follow the water near the bridge.

- Soon enough you’ll wind up back in Sanctuary, which has… seen better days. You can now pick around town, since the houses are all blasted shells of their former selves, and find some useful stuff. Take a right from the forest path and you’ll find the following in the houses, in this order:
  • Two Radroaches and a first aid kit containing two Stimpacks
  • A 10MM Pistol in the shower stall, a Makeshift Bomb beside a computer terminal that you can dismantle for parts, a Novice Lock safe (that I haven’t opened), and a Med-X in an adjacent room - the computer itself requires a password to yield up its knowledge (again, dunno) - note that there’s also a Chemistry Station out back of this house
  • A Radroach, and naught else
  • Across the street from these homes is one more house with a Cooking Station out front, a Radroach inside, and some Canned Dog Food on a shelf - also a toolbox around the side of the house with some items of questionable worth
Codsworth chats with his out-on-the-town master in Fallout 4.
(Really? A slinky red dress? They thought of everything.)
If you take a left from the forest path you’ll find more homes waiting:
  • The first contains a Yellow Trench Coat in a drawer, if you’re sick of looking like Vault Boy
  • The second is your house, which we’ll get to in a bit - though aside from quest-related stuff you can find the Grognak the Barbarian comic
  • The third contains three Bloatflies - these dudes fly, and can fire projectiles - as well as a Red Dress and a Novice Lock safe (which I haven’t opened)
  • The fourth is useless, besides some more clothing items
  • The fifth and sixth are busted up
  • The seventh (other side of the street now) has three more Bloatflies, as well as a Stimpak and three Bobby Pins in the bathroom
  • The eighth is useless
  • Aaaand the last home, across from yours, has a Weapons Workbench, and Armor Workbench, and a Workshop out front, as well as a Stimpak and a Rad-X in the bathroom - you can also get four more Bobby Pins from the toolbox beside the Weapons Workbench
- Once you’re done looking around, chat with Codsworth outside your home. He has plenty to say, and you can convince him to bawl his guts out for some extra rewards. He’ll give you the Hi Honey! Holotape, and if you check Shaun's room in your home you can find a You're Special! book under his dresser. This book will let you increase one of your attributes by a single point, and shouldn't be missed. (If you didn’t already look around town you'll have to do it now, though with Codsworth helping you out.)

- Once the neighbourhood comes up fruitless, Codsworth will point you to Condord, the next town over. You'll find the path there across the longer, almost-ruined bridge to the southwest of Sanctuary's main (okay, only) road.

- Once you've crossed the bridge you'll find a monument of a soldier waiting. Near this monument is the body of a dude and, presumably, his dog. The guy - a Raider - is loaded down with awesome stuff, including a Short Double-Barrel Shotgun +, five Shotgun Shells, 21 .38 Rounds,  two Stimpaks, and a Drifter Outfit. The Shotgun will come in really handy for close encounters.

- Almost done with Sanctuary. Continue past the dead dude and you'll see a rocket in the distance. This is the Red Rocket Truck Stop, and outside it is a dog. This dog is your first companion, and he'll help you in combat. You can also Trade items with him, order him to 'Stay' if you'd rather enter combat alone, and perform a variety of other tasks. (Yay, tricks!) If you decide to ditch the dog, he'll always come back to the Truck Stop.

- Good thing you have the dog now, 'cause the Truck Stop is surrounded by horrifying Mole Rats, which will leap out of the ground at high speed to assault both of you when you get too close to the Truck Stop. V.A.T.S. is a wise choice for this fight. Make sure not to accidentally target them before they leave the ground, however, as V.A.T.S. will still see them under the ground. Shrug. There's a Stimpak and some Purified Water in a first aid kit beside one of the pumps outside the Truck Stop.

- Once the Mole Rats are gone you're free to explore the dump a bit. There are a number of crafting stations inside and out, one of the toolboxes inside the garage contains a number of crafting items, and you can find Med-X beside a computer terminal in the back room. The terminal itself reveals an interesting fact - namely, that there's a cave beneath the Truck Stop. HMMM.

The Mole Rat Den in Fallout 4. Shoot the ugly muthas!
Mole Rat Den

- Might as well check out that cave while we're here. You’ll find the Mole Rat Den in the ground beneath the Red Rocket Truck Stop. It’s a small hole in the ground just down the hill from the weird phone booths behind the Truck Stop.

- First thing’s first: the Mole Rat Den is lousy with Brain Fungus, as the stuff is growing on the walls. Grab as much as you like. Yay!

- Straight ahead from the entrance is an open area that’s filled with trash and guarded by three unaware Mole Rats. Kill ‘em off, then have a look around. Down your first right is a large hunk of machinery with a big radioactive symbol on the side, and standing near it will continuously expose you to Rads. Ouch. Best go down here quick, ‘cause there’s a Pipe Pistol, two 10MM Rounds, a Trashbusters Award, and a Fusion Core sitting on the ground ‘round it. The second small chaber on your right contains a duffel bag with 13 .38 Rounds, a Molotov Cocktail, another Pipe Pistol, and an Empty Blood Sac. Yay?

- Ahead and on your left the passage continues, and you’ll find one more Mole Rat at the end. You’ll also find a toolkit with some crafting items, as well as a Novice safe to open. The safe contains 10 .38 Rounds, 15 Bottlecaps, a Heavy Pipe Pistol, and a… Leather Left Leg? Yep. Cave complete!