Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- When you reach the Red Rocket Truck Stop you’re pretty much in Concord already. Continue down the southeast road from the Truck Stop and you’ll find the town. There are some spitty monsters on the road, so be careful upon approach.

- The first house you see on your right is empty, but there’s some Wild Mutfruit growing out back. If you go up the hill behind this house you’ll see a huge monument with Concord’s name on the top; check at the base of it for a first aid kit containing a Stimpak and some Rad-X. You’ll need to fight off two Bloatflies in the process.

- Honestly, Concord is kind of a boring town until you head towards the core. Most of the houses are boarded up. That said, you can find a few things in the houses that aren’t boarded up:
  • In the north, near the entrance of town from Sanctuary, is a house abutting a small park. You can find some Duct Tape in a tool box under the front porch.
  • On the outskirts of Concord in the east is a two-storey house. The first floor is nothing special, but there’s a Raider corpse on the second carrying a Short Double-Barrel Shotgun, 3 Shotgun Shells, Knuckles, a Gas Mask with Goggles, a Raider Left Leg, and Road Leathers. There’s also a sweet little Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle beside the corpse.
  • Down the street from this second house is a trash can. Inside you’ll find 8 .38 Rounds and a… Brahmin Skull…? Okay.
  • On the outer, western street of Concord you’ll find a useless row of houses. Look out back of the houses to find a trash bin containing 7 .38 Rounds.

The Museum of Freedom in Fallout 4.
What an epic name.
- Enough of the outskirts. Go down Concord’s main street, heading southeast through town, and you’ll find an intersection. There’s a building on your right with a first aid kit on the first floor - Stimpak and Rad-X inside - and an Expert wall safe on the second floor. Weeeee’ll come back to that. There’s also a tool case up here with 5 .308 Rounds, 9 .38 Rounds, a Short Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle, and a Pipe Pistol. Beside it is an ammo box with 28 10mm Rounds, to boot. Sweet. Just up the street from here is a small alley on your right; down it is a tool box with some crafting items.

- Eventually as you’re wandering around you’ll find the stately Museum of Freedom in the southeast. (You may just find it as you head down the street from this last building. You may also see a Raider outside the Museum, though he appears to get killed if you take too long shooting him yourself.) Upon approaching this large building you’ll be yelled at from its balcony, and Out of Time will end in success. You’ll also gain a new quest: When Freedom Calls. That’s all for Concord…

- … save for two more buildings near the Museum. Across the street is what looks like a small general store; inside you’ll find a ton of vendor junk and crafting materials. Beside the Museum is a church. There’s not much on the first floor, but you’ll find another Expert safe on the second floor, as well as a Short Pipe Rifle, a Molotov Cocktail, and stairs up to the belfry. There’s nothing at the tip-top of the church, mind, but you do get a nice shot of the Museum, as well as the aircraft jutting out of its side. Huh.