- Back to town. Several cut scenes follow.
- After they're done, run to the southeast corner of town to find Egil. Chat with him for another cut scene.
- Once all is done you can depart, having learned the location of the Temple of Fire.
Mythril Mines
- Wander back to the Mines in the north. There'll be a quick cut scene just outside, followed by a battle. Nothing too bad - you've fought these Black Blades many times before.
- Another cut scene. Tragedy for Tiz. There's a quick Party Chat afterward, as well.
- Head into the Mythril Mines. Cut scene and Party Chat follow. Make your way down to the basement, to the robed save dude in the north. Here you'll get into another cut scene, and the way will be opened.
- Cut scene beyond. Looks like you're not at the Temple just yet. Straight ahead you'll see a patch of magma on the ground; if you step onto the magma when it's flowing you'll take damage. Take care not to run across these paths until the magma has subsided.
- Head north and west, following the curve of the path. There are no alternate paths until you reach the west. Watch the ground carefully!
- In the west the path will split. go south to find a chest containing 1000 pg, then carry on north.
- There's another split in the north. Take a right and run down to the fork. In the top chamber to the east is a chest containing a Bomb Arm; in the central chamber is a blue, locked chest; in the bottom chamber is a chest containing a Bomb Fragment.
- Backtrack west to the junction and keep going west until you find some stairs.
- First basement. Wander south and west to find a hallway with three southbound hallways. Down the first, longest corridor is a chest containing 2000 pg, to the right of the main path. (All the way south is nothing. Don't bother with that tiny extra stretch.)
- Back to the split. Walk all the way west and go south down the final corridor to find a chest containing a Safety Ring. Then backtrack to the east-west corridor and go south down the middle split. Watch the magma down here - it requires very careful not to get burned.
- Cut scene in the south. After it's done, go down the stairs a short distance away.
- Second basement. Wander north to a split. This path is rather deceptive, as two of the paths change into dead ends. Ignore the northern paths and go southwest. You'll hit a cut scene at another junction. Go south after the cut scene to find a chest containing an X-Potion.
- Another deceptive split here. Ignore the north and go west, then head north at the next three-way split.
- Up north, yep, another split in your road. Follow the pathway east, then wander southeast along the side of the magma flow. Nearby is a chest containing a Flame Charm, which is quite handy for allaying some of the fire damage caused by enemies down here.
- Head back north, then northeast. Carry on all the way northeast to find a chest containing a Turbo Ether.
- Backtrack to the west, where you were at a three-way split. You haven't explored north yet; go this way now to find stairs leading down.
- Third basement. (Long dungeon. The enemies get tougher down here, so beware.) Head west a short distance and you'll see a thin southern path; follow it south to a small fork. Go right to find a chest containing a Diamond Staff. (Ignore the left path, it's a dead end.)
- Return to the hallway up north and go west. There's another thin path leading south; ignore this one (stupid sinking rocks) and go further west. Carry on south.
- Split ahead. Take the right path and wander aaaaaall the way south. Go east, then north at the first divergence in the path. At the end of this rocky walkway is a chest containing a Flare Hatchet.
- Return to the split and go west. There's another split ahead; go north and follow the zig-zaggy path northwest to eventually find a Gale Bow.
- Backtrack to the south and take a left. There are stairs ahead.
- Fourth basement. (Almost there!) Walk west to hit a rather dramatic cut scene. Agn├Ęs finally figures it out. After it's done, head northwest to find the entrance toooooo...
Temple of Fire
- Have a look around and investigate the rooms of the Temple, per usual. You'll run into a few cut scenes and some party chats.
- A nice, clean temple to explore. Check around for the following: a Flametongue in the bottom-left corner, an Iceflame Shield in the bottom-right corner, an X-Potion and a Turbo Ether in the top-right corner, and a hidden Elixir along the west wall. Check the wall in the top-middle niche, not far from the save point.
- Also in here is another anchorite. He wants to give you the Promethean Fire summon. Very, very painful, but if you can survive upwards of 1,700 HP damage by now, it's yours.
- There's a robed save dude in the north. Do your thing, then step through the door. Cut scene and boss battle!
Now THAT is a strange boss. Chaugmar begins the battle as a vampire of sorts, effectively ignoring all of your attacks thanks to its barrier - and absorbing HP from your characters. Wait until the purple aura drops (is it a jellyfish or a brain?), then start unleashing your attacks on the thing after one further turn of Defaulting. Chaugmar will use Energy Burst, an all-hitting attack, the moment it drops its shield - and if you don't have Default up you'll probably take 3,000 HP of damage per character. Lower level parties will not survive without Default. Bring anyone who didn't survive back to life, beat the heck out of Chaugmar with everything you've got, use Chaugmar's impending barrier mode to bring everyone to full, then repeat. Chaugmar's absorption attacks are irritating, but overall this is a fairly simple fight.
- After Chaugmar bites the dust you'll have to perform the usual crystal awakening ceremony. Tap tap tap tap!
- Cut scene afterward, and your support ability limit will increase by one yet again. Huzzah! Leave the crystal chamber, check out the Party Chat, and leave.
- Make your way back to the Mythril Mines. (Yep, gotta make that long trek again. A Teleport Stone is recommended.) Once in the Mines again you'll get a quick cut scene.