World Map
- Return to the overworld. You now have the option of talking to the commander and continuing the story - or returning to the Starkfort and undergoing another side quest for a new job.
- Head back to the Eisen Bridge. A cut scene will follow, wrapping up the events of the region.
- Go to Hartschild. A cut scene jumps in. Check out the manor in the north and you'll get another cut scene. Party Chat after you part ways with Egil.
- All done with this area. Return to the House by the Sea and hop in the Eschalot.
- Head to Grandship and check out the bar. Talk to the man on the left side of the screen and he'll mention something about the innkeeper in Caldisla being sick.
- Sail to Caldisla (northeast) and dock.
- Check out the inn. The old dude isn't doing so well. The cut scene will determine the course of action: fetch Egil from Hartschild.
- Return to Hartschild and check out the manor again. After the cut scene, check out the Party Chat.
- Back in the Eschalot. Return to the inn, then check out the castle. The king will welcome Egil to the kingdom. Yays.
- Back to the inn to finish up this little diversion. Then the cut scene will continue... and unpleasantness will follow. Then you get a new destination: yep, Grandship yet again.
- Once there, the proprietess from the bar will stop you for a cut scene. Follow her into the bar for a long cut scene. Sinking ship? Oh dear.
- Run up to the markets on the second floor of Grandship. Your destination is in the far north, in an area you couldn't previously access.
- Bridge. A cut scene will play, and Agn├Ęs will realize that you need to speak to... Egil. Again. That dumb kid. After the cut scene is over, have a look 'round the bridge. Inspect what appears to be a small gazebo on the left side of the bridge to find a Zeus's Wrath, and check the giant telescope for a Turbo Ether.
- Make a quick trip over to Caldisla. Egil will fork over the Orichalcum. Take it back to Grandship.
- Return to the bridge and inspect the door to the engine room. A cut scene will follow, as well as a Party Chat. Head inside the door.
Engine Room
- Yep, a dungeon! Time to explore.
- B27. Follow the path east. Along the way you'll find a closed elevator; go south from here to find a set of stairs. Go west past the stairs to find a chest containing 1000 pg, then continue west and north at another set of stairs to find a chest containing an Antarctic Wind.
- Go down this second set of stairs.
- B28. Check to your right to find a Turbo Ether in a chest, then backtrack to the stairs and go north. Ahead you'll see another chest containing a Gold Hourglass.
- Follow the path south from the giant central gear. It leads to stairs back to B27. Hit the switch in the small room you find.
- Backtrack to the first section of B27 and go down the first set of stairs that you skipped earlier.
- B28. There are stairs to the north; before using them, explore to the west and to the south at the next split to find 2000 pg and a Cross Axe in a pair of chests.
- B29. Start by checking south. There's a blue chest in a nearby room, and if you continue south you'll find a Trident in a normal chest. Run back north to the stairs.
- Go west this time. Just south of the largest gear is a path leading to a Hammer Mace.
- Continue west. Ahead the pah forks in three directions. Take the first path to find a Raikiri and the third to find a Bacchus's Wine. The second path leads to stairs.
- Follow the subsequent stairs up to B27. They lead to a second switch. Pull it and the elevator will open. (It's a long jaunt back to the beginning, so I recommend using a Teleport Stone to cut down the traveling time.)
- Hop on the second elevator.
- Engine Room Core. The path splits to left and right; go left to find an Arctic Wind in a chest, then go right.
- Follow the path south and west, running against the southern wall. Along the way you'll pop into a secret passage. It leads to a Megaelixir. Ooooooo, shiny.
- Return to the main path and continue west to find an obligatory robed save dude. Continue past him west, then follow the western wall to the north to find a chest containing a Barrier Shroud in the top-left corner of the area.
- Backtrack to yon save dude. Let him do his thing. Step up to the Engine Core and inspect it to spark a cut scene... then... yep, Ringabel's right, it's monster time.
Uuuuuugly. The Behemoth is a physical powerhouse, capable of delivering mass amounts of damage to your characters with that giant mouth. It has three attacks: Toothy Rend, which inflicts a lot of damage to one character; Roar, which hits everyone for intermediate damage and may cause silence; and Venomous Bite, which hits one character with poison status. Despite the pain the other attacks cause, Roar is by far the most dangerous attack, especially if you solely rely on white magic for healing. Equip a White Cape on your healer if this is the case, outfit everyone with Protect to offset the damage Behemoth's attacks inflict, then go to town on the thing. Default through its attacks until you reach max BP, unleash your attacks, heal up, and repeat. Not fancy, but it works. Electrical attacks are your friend here, as they target Behemoth's weak point. Consequently, a Black Mage or a Spell Fencer with Thundara will do tons of damage to Behemoth.
- After the battle's done, you'll spark a cut scene - and gain a fantastic new source of transportation. Grandship indeed! Smell ya later, Eschalot! (No worries, you can still debark and sail about in the old girl.)
- Party Chats in the aftermath of the takeoff. Make way for the land of Eternia and you'll hit a cut scene. Time for a showdown with the duchy!