World Map / Eisen Bridge
- Return to the bridge. Cut scene follows. (Speak to Goodman again after he's done talking and ask 'What is that?' This will spark a cut scene with one of the ditziest characters in the game, as well as a looooooong sub scenario. The full details are in this article.)
- Head through the west gate near the Bridge and wander north. There are two destinations ahead: a cave to the west and a closed gate to the east. Closed gate is closed, so, yeah. Check out the cave.
Mythril Mines
- Cut scene up first. Once it's done you'll be facing a quick battle; no big deal.
- You have some kids to save. The idea behind this is pretty simple: there are ninteeen kids in these Mines, each set being watched over by a guard, and you have to kill the guards to set the kids free. Easy enough.
- Run all the way west in the first large hall. There's a guard at the end - two kids down! - and just past him, a chest containing an X-Potion.
- Head south from the first split, then southeast. At the end of this short tunnel you'll find a guard to kill. Two kids down.
- Backtrack and go southwest. You'll arrive at a small four-way intersection. To the northwest is a guard to kill; southwest is a chest containing an Earth Drum; southeast is another guard; northwest are stairs. Go down the stairs after exploring the other three directions.
- Basement. Head east from the stairs and continue east to find another guard.
- Go straight north. There's another guard up here, and just past him a chest containing a Turbo Ether.
- Head west. There's a three-way split in the path ahead. Ignore the northern path that leads to the robed save dude for the moment and go all the way west to find a chest containing 1000 pg. Then go south of the chest to find another guard.
- Now take the northern path, using the robed save dude if you're feeling antsy about your progress. A short ways southwest of him is a guard; all the way west is a blue chest you can't open.
- Almost done. Head south and you'll find the final guard waiting. This path will reconnect with the stairs, and once you've snagged all the kids you can use them to escape the Mines.
- Cut scene as you try to leave. You now have to help a kid named Egil. Joy upon joys. Well, you're done with this dump, at least...
World Map
- Back on the overworld. Go through the previously-closed gate to the east and follow the long path that winds east, north, and roughly northwest. At the far end you'll come to your next destination.
- Cut scene. Yeesh, Tiz is tense.
- First thing's first: inspect the rocks juuuust north of where you enter the screen. You'll find a hidden Earth Drum.
- The Starkfort's entrance is straight ahead, but if you look at your map you'll notice a shop off to your right. Follow the narrow passage through the rocks to reach it.
- Also out here you'll see a goat lounging amid the rocks. You can't reach it, but if you try to approach it from the left side and inspect the rocks you'll find a Stardust.
- That'll do. Into the Starkfort proper with you.
- You'll start out in a branching hallway that heads north. Start by checking the small chambers to the east and west of where you come in; to the east is a chest containing a Hi-Potion, and to the west is a chest containing 500 pg.
- Head north. You'll be interrupted by a quick cut scene. Check the Party Chat after the cut scene.
- Take the northwestern passage first. Here you'll find stairs. Go up to the second floor and run south. Near a robed save dude you'll find a chest; check it for 1,000 pg. Make sure you use that save dude!
- Go upstairs and you'll find Qada, the Salve-Maker who caused so much trouble in this region. Yep, this is a side quest. The details are noted in this article. Be warned - the target of this sub scenario is quite powerful, despite how he looks.
- Assuming you pursued the sub scenario, head back downstairs to the first floor. This time take the northeastern path and go up this set of stairs.
- Go south of where you come out. Along the way to the far south wall you'll find a chest containing an Ice Brand. Snag it and keep going.
- At the end of the passage you'll find Egil, the kid you are tasked with finding. Check out the Party Chat after you've grabbed the child, then hightail it out of Starkfort. That wasn't so bad, eh?
- Cut scene upon leaving. Oh, that Qada.