South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Like any good RPG, South Park: The Stick of Truth has quite a massive number of achievements. Indeed, it's soul cholk-full of achievements that you'll be hard pressed to complete them all on a single playthrough (unless you like jumping back to earlier save states, which isn't nearly as fun as just restarting with a new character). Below is a complete listing of the game's achievements; it's a good idea to know them in advance, as some can be missed if you're not careful.
Automatic Achievements
The achievements below will pop up automatically as you play through the game. There's no need to go looking for any of them.
First Day in South Park - Make it through the first day's worth of quests.
New Kid on the Block - Join the Kupa Kingdom.
Nonconformist - Befriend the Goth Kids.
Stick Savior - Complete the game.
Combat Achievements
These achievements can only be gained during, or immediately after, a fight.
Avenger - Defeat three enemies in one battle while your buddy is knocked out.
Butt of Fire - Defeat twenty enemies with Cartman's Burning Cloud attack.
Day Walker - Defeat the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing Freckles during the Detention Sentence quest.
Elven Hero - Defeat Cartman during the quest Attack the School. Same as above. (You can reload your old game after beating one and take out the other to get both achievements.)
Face Hoff - Defeat the final boss after getting the David Hasselhoff nose job.
Gingivitis - Allow the ginger Hall Monitors to bite you three times without blocking.
Heisenberg - Defeat the Meth TWeekers in Kenny's Garage during the Hot Coffee quest while wearing the Evil Cartman Goatee and the Bald Cap. The Goatee is in the first cabinet you find in Cartman's House, while the Bald Cap is in Kevin Stoley's House. You'll need the Stoley Parents Bedroom Key to get to it; the Key is in a bag outside Jimmy's House, tucked away in a hole that requires Gnome Powder.
Irritable Bowels - Use one of your 'spells' during a boss battle and deliberately fail, with unfortunate consequences.
Kupa Klan Hero - Defeat Kyle during the quest Attack the School. You must strike him during the final showdown. (You can reload your old game after beating one and take out the other to get both achievements.)
Made This for You - Fling one of those lovely Nuggets you can produce in the game's bathrooms at an enemy.
No Child Left Behind - Complete the game without ever ending a combat with a knocked-out buddy.
Outpatient - Defeat the final boss while inflicted with Dire AIDs. You can receive Dire AIDs while fighting enemies in Canada.
Pulling Mud - Use magic attacks and fail three times in combat.
Re-Buttal - Interrupt five Channeling attacks with your magic.
Shutout - Successfully block every enemy attack during a battle. I'm not positive, but I think your character has to be alone for this.
Two Girls, One Stick - Defeat the final boss in your girl makeover disguise.z
Weapon Proficiency - Score one hundred perfect attacks. Careful timing required.
You bastards! - Let Kenny die ten times in battle.
Out-of-Combat Achievements
These achievements can only be unlocked while wandering the world. They do not include item collecting.
Acceptance - When naming your kid, choose 'Douchebag'. Sigh.
Animal Cruelty - Fart on animals 25 times. There are plenty of rats in the sewers that can help you complete this achievement.
Are We Cool? - Complete the quest Find Jesus while playing as a Jew.
Canadian Handshake - Fart on people 100 times.
Daddy Issues - Befriend your Dad. You can do this at the beginning of the Forging Alliances quest.
Dog Whistle - Fart on a canine enemy (you'll find them in the woods) while under the effects of Gnome Powder.
Dragon Wrath - Hit three enemies with one fart while outside of combat. Dragon Shout is the go-to move in this case.
Friends in Strange Places - Befriend the Crab People and the Underpants Gnomes.
Inside Joke - Summon Mr. Slave while you're travelling inside him.
Just Saying Hi - Fart on all six buddies.
Mastery - Unlock all four upgrade levels of one of your kid's abilities.
More Popular Than Jesus - Befriend half of South Park.
More Popular Than John Lennon - Befriend every person in South Park.
Parkeologist - Open every garage in South Park.
Perverted - During the battle against the Underpants Gnomes, linger on your parents' dresser for more than a minute.
Stay Down - Fart on ten enemies after defeating them.
Too Far - Fart on one of the small, grey enemies in Unplanned Parenthood during the quest of the same name.
Truth to Power - Fart on the Mayor (City Hall), Principal Victoria (Community Center), Father Maxi (outside City Hall), and the Prime Minister (in the Caves of Quebec - get this done before speaking to him or he'll vanish).
Item Collection Achievements
These achievements all have something to do with items and / or money. They're probably the most difficult in the game to unlock.
Chinpoko Loco - Collect fifteen Chinpokomon dolls.
Chinpokolypse - Collect all thirty Chinpokomon dolls. (An article on this subject is coming soon.)
Clothes Lover - Complete all of the game's costume sets. Check chests, buy from stores, and loot defeated enemies to collect these items.
For the Hoarder - Don't sell a single item over the course of the game.
Full Arsenal - Collect every weapon and every costume in the game. Check chests, buy from stores, and loot defeated enemies to snag these items.
Junk Peddler - Sell 300 pieces of vendor trash. So long as you look for items regularly you'll have no trouble with this at all.
Make it Rain! - Speed $500 or more.
Poko Chinpoko - Collect five Chinpokomon dolls.
Shopaholic - Complete half of the game's costume sets. Check chests, buy from stores, and loot defeated enemies to snag these items.