South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
Images used for educational purposes only.
ChinpooookoooMON! The fabulous world of Chinpokomon is well-loved and vastly peopled, and its many creatures are the spotlight of a ton of merchandise. So numerous are they that their action figure dolls are spread all over South Park - and it's up to the new kid to find them all. These Chinpokomon have been spread to every corner of every area, and you'll have to search high and low constantly to locate the lot.
And if you do? The Chinpokomon Toy Corporation will friend you on Facebook. Well hot dang, if that isn't reason enough to catch 'em all, then there is no reason. Locations below!
Accountafish - Found in the News Office. Grab the key from the open Post Office PO box to unlock the building down the street. Inside you'll find a dinged vent; shrink down and bash it open to find the doll.
Beetlebot - On the alien spaceship. Grab the White Crystal after freeing Randy and use it on the red console in the central room. You'll find the Beetlebot in the ship's map room, atop a series of displays that show various areas in South Park.
Brocorri - Found encased in a small block of ice outside the Tower of Peace. You can claim it by Dragon Shouting the lantern beside the ice.
Chu-Chu Nezumi - In the tree between your house and Butters' house.
Cosmonewt - In a sunken spaceship in Stark's Pond. You can find it by using the Alien Probe to zap out to a mechanical alien eye that's sticking out of the middle of the pond.
Donkeytron - In a stove in the School's kitchen. Light the stove's element, then use Cup-a-Spell to blow the doll out onto the floor.
Fatdactyl - Atop the vendor's window of the Bijou Theatre.
Ferasnarf - Found in Mr. Mackey's storage unit at U-Stor-It. Grab the key from Mackey at the Community Center during the events of Recruit the Goth Kids, then look on the shelves in the unit to find the doll. Shoot it down.
Fetuswami - Found in Unplanned Parenthood during the Recruit the Girls quest. Blow up the wall by the downed soldiers holding the grenade to create a path to the doll.
Flowerpotamus - On a shelf at the rear of Skeeter's Bar, in northwestern South Park. Shoot it down with your bow.
Furrycat - Tucked into the trees to the east of Kyle's House, behind a pile of wood.
Gerbitoad - Found in the sewers. Make your way down into the depths until you see a toy house behind a sewer grate. Use the switch beside the grate to yank it up. Gernitoad is beside the house.
Gophermon - Found in the Community Center. Check the left stall in the men's washroom.
Gunrilla - Found in the prefab building where the Mall used to be. It's atop a cabinet in the left corner of the board room.
Lambtron - On the second floor of the Tower of Peace, hanging from the roof. Shoot it down.
Monkay - In Butters' House, against the right wall of his room.
Mouse-tik - In the girl's HQ. You have to complete the quest Recruit the Girls to wander around. It's sitting against a chest to your left.
Pengin - In Cartman's Garage; get the key from the small dresser in the living room of Cartman's House.
Pterdaken - On the second floor of the School, in a locker. Found during the Attack the School quest.
RabbiTech - On the second floor of the Police Station, in the Evidence Room. Look on the shelves.
Roidrat - In the attic of Jimmy's House.
Roo-stor - In the Chaos Lair. Fetch the Chaos Lair Key from Butters' room, enter the Chaos Lair at U-Stor-It, and climb up to the vent leading to the roof. Roo-stor is sitting atop the vent. Knock it down.
Shoe - On Clyde's tower, found during the Beat up Clyde! quest. Once you reach the roof, look for an alien eye that can teleport you up another rooftop.
Sna-Kat - Found in a tree in front of City Hall. Look behind Priest Maxie's bench.
Stegmata - In the Broflovsky's Garage. You can retrieve the Garage Key from Kyle's parents' room upstairs in their house.
Vamporko - Found in the bsketball court beside the Community Center. Use the Alien Prove on the eye attached to the wall of the Community Center to reach it.
Velocirapstar - On the second floor of Token's House in Dark Meadows, on the northern outskirts of South Park. You can shoot it down onto the lawn.