South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Main Walkthrough

- Continue past the power generator while exploring the sewers. On the next screen you'll come to a trashy-looking toy house, blocked off by a sewer grate. Hit the switch to open the grate, and check beside the house for the Gerbitoad Chinpokomon.
- Check out the house. Mr. Hankey! He has family issues. He needs you to track down his three kids and bring them back, triggering the quest Dropping the Kids Off. All three are in the sewers.
- Continue left past the house. You'll see a drainage pipe ahead; beside it is a hole in the wall. Shrink and step inside to find a box containing $6.00 and a Nugget.
- Go past the sewage when it stops. There's a ladder ahead, and the first of the kids is in plain sight - though not reachable. Up you go.
- Turn the first wheel on your right in the next room. Step through the circular passage and out onto the catwalk and head left; there's another wheel to turn stopping the sewage beside you. Go down the ladder you've unblocked to find Amber, earning her friend request in the process.
- Go back up the ladder, return to the catwalk, and go right. Next to the remaining sewage flow to the left is a latch; inside is $0.60, a Speed Potion, and a Nugget.
- Head right. There's a Homeless Camp for you to break up here, so be ready to fight when one of the dudes charges you.
- Another flow pipe beyond. Shoot the wheel on it to make the sewage flow intermittent. Run through when it stops.
- There's a ladder ahead, as well as a path east. Climb down the ladder. It leads to a grating on your left that contains a Free Spirit Wig and a TV Award, and a chest containing a Rod of Waste, a TV Award and Mr. Twig on your right. Stopping the flow pipe to get to the chest will also open a path up returning you to the entrance of the sewers. There's another path leading further to the right; we'll check it on the way back.
- Go back up the ladder and head right. There are two ladders ahead; the one on the left must be uncovered by smashing the crate and pulling the switch behind the crate's remains. Go up the ladder to find a grate containing $2.40 and a Rusty Pipe, as well as a trashy table where you can lure out one of the targets of Big Game Huntin' With Jimbo.
- Back down the ladder, and down the next ladder as well. There's a homeless camp here - and the dudes are keeping Cornwallis trapped. Beat them up to free him, earning you Cornwallis' friend request. One of the hobos carries the Broken Bottle.
- Bash through the wall to the left of the camp. On the other side is a Revive Potion and a Rusty Pipe in a bag.
- Backtrack to the 'emergency exit' leading to the power generator and take the right path you ignored before. Beyond here is another Homeless Camp to break up.
- Follow the path until you reach a sewage flow you can't stop and a shining ladder. Shoot the ladder down and ascend.
- In the next hallway, to your left, you'll find a darkened pathway leading elsewhere and another sewage pipe. Shoot the wheel on the pipe to get past; beyond is crate blocking a path. Go through and you'll find the final Hankey kid, Simon, being pestered by some rats. Kill the small rats to bring in a Mutant Rat, and beat it and its smaller kin up in battle. Easily done with an all-hitting attack. Kill 'em off for Simon's friend request, then check the nearby lunchbox for $1.20, Health Potion (Small), a Small Butane Torch, and a Nugget.
- Return to Mr. Hankey. He'll thank you for your aid, give you his friend request (as well as his wife's), and a Piece of... Yep that you can use to summon him in battle. Foul, but awesome.
Further Exploration
- You're now done with the quest - but not the sewers. Backtrack to the previous hallway and check the doorway you ignored. It leads to a switch beside flowing sewage. Hit the switch, then run to the open sewer passage on your right. You have a limited time to do this.
- Hit the lever in the next room to create a path back to the beginning, then wander right. Hit the wheel on the sewer pipe above you and run past. Beyond is a grating contain $1.30, a TV Award, and a Nugget, a bag containing $2.40, Mud, and some vendor trash, aaaaand a ladder. Down you go.
- Almost done. To your right down here is a breakable wall; behind is a bag containing $1.50, a health Potion (Large), a Cardboard Roll, and a Mana Potion. To the left is a surprise Homeless Camp attack - the guy springs out of the trash, so be ready - and, by the next, large portal ahead, a grating that contains $2.40, a Nugget, and some vendor trash. Hit the lever and pull the wheel to open the way back to the entrance, then head into the final tunnel. It leads down...
- ... and down...
- ... and down... (to a bag containing $0.90, a Rusty Pipe, a Damien Wig and a Pentagram Tattoo)...
- ... and at the bottom, well... Crab People. What else?
- Continue east, swiping away any bats you find. There's a giant boulder here; you can blow it away with Nagasaki to reach the Biebersaurus Chinpokomon and the Crab Person, who will befriend you. Beside the Crab Person is a chest containing a Crab Helmet, a Crab Carapace, Crab Pincers, and Jellyfish.
- Check the bag nearby for a Health Potion (Large), a Revive Potion and a Guinea Pig Costume, then carry on to the right. There's another bag here, this containing Batframe Glasses, a Grandpa Vampire Wig, Goth Skull Makeup, an Exoskeleton Patch, and $6.00. Bash through the stalagmite nearby and you'll find a lure spot for the Fruit Bat, another part of Big Game Huntin' With Jimbo.
- All done down here. Go up the ladder and you'll emerge back in South Park, by the Bijou Theatre. Spelunking complete!
Main Walkthrough