- To reach the Wildlands, you need to board the train at Luxerion's South Train Station. It typically leaves on the hour.
- When you arrive at the Wildlands you'll hit a cut scene. As you're leaving, a pair of locals will expand on what you just heard, as well as get a name: Dr. Gysahl. Be sure to check the Canvas of Prayers before you leave, as it has a full complement of new quests.
- Head down the stairs and into the Wildlands proper. You'll arrive at a dirt crossroads; your destination, Canopus Farms, is to your right and far to the south. Follow the beaten path until you see a road to your left; turn off the main path.
Canopus Farms
- A guy named Garrett upon your entry will point out Dr. Gysahl off to your left. Run over and speak to the doctor to learn a bit about the Angel of Valhalla, a legenday white chocobo of the region.
- Look around for Gysahl's assistants. They can help you find the Angel of Valhalla. One man with orange hair in particular will tell you to look for a Chocobo Eater - and there may be one at the City of Ruins nearby.
- Before leaving, having a look around Canopus Farms. There's an inn, an Outfitters where you can buy the Ignition, Watery ChorusElectronica and Woodland Walker garbs, a restaurant, and a general store.
- Once you leave, check 'round back of the farm, in the trees behind where Dr. Gysahl is standing, to find a sphere. Inside is an Imp's Crest.
City of Ruins
- Leave Canopus Farms, as well as the main road, and travel roughly northeast towards the City of Ruins. Look for a thinly-stretched pathway that leads into the south of the City of Ruins.
- There are some chocobo riders here who speak of bloody white feathers in the city. Sounds like a good indication of what you're looking for. Follow the path north. Be careful here - for the most part the baddies are manageable (Miniflans), but there are Reavers you'll probably want to avoid unless you're strong and ready for a scrap.
- The Chocobo Eater is dead ahead. Prepare for a rumble! Try to hit it first, 'cause you'll want all the advantage you can get!
Chocobo Eater
Despite its HP being extremely low when you begin the battle, this is a tough fight. The Chocobo Eater is extremely aggressive, and most of its attacks consist of swift, brutal punches or bites. The bites almost universally restore its health, and it uses them quite often. Keep one of your schema on defensive duty, ready to swap into for guarding, while the other two focus on whittling away its health with magic. Wind spells in particular work nicely against the Chocobo Eater. Nothing fancy is needed, just a lot of guarding against swift punches and bites to minimize the amount of health it can steal from you. Staggering this beast is not that difficult so long as you stay consistently on the offensive and keep blasting it with Aero and above spells.
- Defeating the Chocobo Eater will trigger a cut scene with the Angel of Valhalla. Afterward, leave the City and return to Canopus Farm. Approach the cluster of people to spark another cut scene.
- Talk to Dr. Gysahl. He'll give you Gysahl Greens. Give them to the Angel; it will accept them from Lightning. Gysahl then tells you that you have a new quest: healing this faithful chocobo would-be steed back to full health so Lightning can ride it around the Wildlands. Greeeeeat.