Canopus Farms
- Dr. Gysahl has tasked you with nourishing and healing the Angel. Until it's healed, you can feed the chocobo Gysahl Greens and Chocobull. You'll have to procure both to get it back on its feet.
- Start by talking to Garrett, who will point you out to a farm that's about ten feet away. While you're nearby, talk to Gysahl again. He'll reveal more about his lost daughter.
- Sarala should be standing across from Garrett. Speak to her and she'll give you some Gysahl Greens. She'll also mention that her father went off looking for fertilizer for the Gysahl Greens, and she'll hint that she wants Lightning to look for him. You can then accept a quest from her to find her father in the Jagd Woods.
- Speak to the Hunter Chief on his chocobo at the entrance to the Farms. He'll give you Chocobull for the Angel.
Jagd Woods
- The farmer, Cole, is last known to have been off in the Jagd Woods. Leave Canopus Farms and walk north until you see a street sign pointing in various directions. Head southwest from this sign to get on the road to Jagd Woods.
- On your way into the Woods you'll see a man on a chocobo. He'll offer to give you some feed if you slay a beast and give him proof of the kill. This unlocks The Right Stuff, a quick quest whereby he'll give you a Mystical Meal (and 300 gil and a Chocobo Feather Pin) in exchange for six Vibrant Oozes.
- Head down the Shady Path into the Jagd Woods. As you enter this area you'll encounter one of two kinds of mushrooms: if you enter during the day you'll find orange Chocoborels, and if you enter during the night you'll find purple Luminous Mushrooms. Both are needed for side quests, and should be plucked whenevr spotted.
- Continue down the path until you reach the Woods proper. You'll find some people wandering around here. To your left as you enter this large area is a shovel; check it to find Forest Fertilizer.
- Follow this main path into the next large area of the forest. Head off the path and explore to the far east wall. You'll find another shovel with more Forest Fertilizer at its base. Check to the north to find yet more Forest Fertilizer.
- Get back on the path and wander north. Along the way you'll see a dude with pink glasses. He's not 'Cole', per se, but he tells you about the Fertilizer you've already been gathering. Sigh. Continue north to find one more patch of Forest Fertilizer, then hand what you've found over to satisfy the dude. He tells you to return to Canopus Farms.
- Not yet, though. Continue north a bit further.
Jagd Village
- At the very least, come here to set it up as a Teleport point. That done, have a look at the shops: the Outfitter sells Vengeance and Hunter of the Wind, and the Forge has a few tasty items. There are also some quests to be found 'round these parts.
- On the left side of the village is an apothecary called Cardesia. She'll offer to make chocobo medicine. You'll have to bring her eight Chocoborels and eight Slug Sweets to make a batch of Chocobull. Slug Sweets are found by killing Rafflesias, which are fairly abundant in the Jagd Forest; Chocoborels grow in the shade of trees and on the sides of paths. Hunt around long enough and you'll find plenty of both. (Creating one batch of Chocobull will also unlock a personal quest for Cardesia.)
- Once you've had your fill of Fertilizer and Chocobull, leave and return to the Farms.
Canopus Farms
- Speak to Sarala again. You'll watch a cut scene of tenderness, or whatever, and you'll receive 800 gil, Girlish Glasses, and access to Sarala's farm. You can then plant Vegetable Seeds here which will sprout into Gysahl Greens. You can sell these Greens or give them to Angel.
- Talk to Angel and give him the Mystical Meal and the Chocobull you procured. They'll get him back on his feet. That'll do it. You'll gain 1200 gil and a White Chocobo Chick for completing the quest, and you can now freely ride the Angel of Valhalla. He will provide swifter transport than normal, and can aid Lightning in battle. Nifty. The more Greens and Chocobull you make for Angel, the stronger he'll ultimately become in battle.
- Being able to ride the Angel is only the start. Now you have to heal it enough that it can flap its wings. You can achieve this by continuing to feed it Gysahl Greens grown at the farm, brewing more Chocobull, or by feeding him Yeul Flowers. One Yeul Flower can be found as part of a side quest in Jagd Village; another is located in the far north section of Jagd Woods. Once the chocobo is healed you'll be ready to take to the updrafts and fly to Rocky Crag, your next destination.