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Main Walkthrough

Part One: Zanarkand
Part Two: Besaid
Part Three: Kilika
Part Four: Kilika Cloister of Trials
Part Five: Luca Blitzball Tournament
Part Six: Mi'ihen Highroad
Part Seven: Mushroom Rock Road
Part Eight: Djose Temple
Part Nine: The Moonflow
Part Ten: Guadosalam and the Thunder Plains
Part Eleven: Macalania Woods
Part Twelve: Macalania Temple
Part Thirteen: Bikanel Island
Part Fourteen: Bevelle
Part Fifteen: The Calm Lands
Part Sixteen: Mt. Gagazet
Part Seventeen: Gagazet Mountain Cave
Part Eighteen: Zanarkand
Part Nineteen: Side Quests
Part Twenty: Sin
Part Twenty-One: Inside Sin
Part Twenty-Two: Omega Ruins


Celestial Weapons