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Gagazet - Mountain Cave
- After bypassing the creepy creepy wall of self-discovery, your team will wind up in a cave. Follow the path onward and inward until you come to a Save Sphere. Beyond this Sphere the path splits... though you can't carry on north, thanks to a pit. Veer left and circle down the path.
- There's a watery pit at the end. Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku will all jump in. Swim north.
- In the next section you'll find a brief split in the waterway, leading right. At the end of it you'll see (but won't be able to reach) two chests. Ignore this brief diversion and continue north.
- At the end of the path is The First Trial of Gagazet, which basically amounts to hurling a blitzball past some obstacles. Wait until the revolving barrier blocking the target is halfway around before hurling your blitzball. Note that, despite their being two gaps in the barrier, it's timed in such a way that you can only hit one of them. After hitting the target you can grab a Lv. 1 Key Sphere from a chest that appears in front of the target.
- Return to the water and swim back to your party. Once you trek back to the Save Sphere you'll find the gap in the north filled in with stairs. Climb 'em to find another split; this time go right.
- After a brief swim you'll reach those two chests you may or may not have seen earlier. Inside 'em are a Return Sphere and a Recovery Ring.
- Backtrack to the split and go left. More water awaits. At the end of the next tunnel you'll find the Second Trial of Gagazet, which consists of three coloured buttons that need to be pressed. Rikku hits green, Tidus blue, Wakka red. After completing the Trial, dip down into the water beneath the coloured buttons to find a chest containing a Fortune Sphere.
- Backtrack. When you leave the water you'll find a new path has appeared to your left. Climb the stones and keep going until you reach a Save Sphere. Boss comin' up!
BOSS: Sanctuary Keeper
This is a tough boss that can be mucked up rather easily with the proper spells. Under normal circumstances, Sanctuary Keeper is a combination of normal attacks, supportive spells, and one special attack that's really annoying:
- Most of the time, the Sanctuary Keeper will attack with its claws or a Tail Swipe that hits everyone. Both are painful, but nothing special.
- Sanctuary Keeper also likes to keep itself mighty with the likes of Protect, Reflect, and, if you try to cast Slow on it, Haste. Don't cast Slow on it, needless to say. Once its HP starts to run low, Sanctuary Keeper will start casting Curaga to heal 9,999 a pop. OUCH.
- Last, Sanctuary Keeper has an all-hitting attack called Photon Wings. It will do intermediate damage... and inflict curse status, as well as something else. The other status ailment ranges from confusion to sleep to silence. All are bad, and cursed status in particular will prevent your characters from using Overdrive. Sigh.
So what's needed to wipe this puppy out? Quite simple, actually. Have Lulu begin the battle with Bio, thereby poisoning Sanctuary Keeper. Then have Yuna cast Reflect on it. Bio will chew away at its HP (which is quite low for this point in the game), and Reflect will prevent it from healing poison status with Esuna. It also won't cast Curaga very often. After that, have Auron use Armor and Power Break on it, then start wailing. Sanctuary Keeper is still dangerous past this point, especially with Photon Wings, but you shouldn't have any trouble taking it down once it's been thoroughly neutered.
- After kicking Sanctuary Keeper's butt you can ascend to the top of Gagazet. Cut scenes follow... you can have some more if you pick up a sphere along the way... and, hey. Guess what. You're now in Zanarkand. Long time coming, eh?