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- After the first set of stairs you'll encounter a cut scene. Make sure you use the Save Sphere once it's done... because you're about to get into a fight. One that's fought solo.
BOSS: Biran, Yenke
Even though Kimahri's on his own against two opponents, this battle isn't very difficult. Biran and Yenke spend the whole time either hitting Kimahri with middling-strength attacks (sometimes they're outright pitiful, actually) or sweeping back and forth with their Bulldoze attacks. If you try to hit them with physical strikes while they're together, they'll protect each other and virtually negate Kimahri's damage. Wait for them to separate, then whittle them down. Biran goes berserk if Yenke falls first, while Yenke gains haste if Biran goes down, so it's not a bad idea to knock down their HP in equal amounts.
This battle is important because these two Ronso know a lot of techniques Kimahri can learn with Lancet. Fire Breath, Aqua Breath, Doom, Thrust Kick, Pearl Wind, Mighty Guard... yikes. Quite the selection. If you haven't been keeping up with your Ronso Rages, this is a good time to get caught up. Don't knock either of the Ronso out 'til you've learned your fill, as they don't really teach the meat of their skills on their own.
- That's that. Continue up the mountain. On the next screen, climb the rocks to your right to find a chest containing 20,000 gil. You'll get another quick cut scene when you try to move forward. Afterward, check the left side of the mountain path for a chest containing two Mega-Potions.
- Right. Onward. Climb the trail and you'll see a small monument ahead; check it for a bit of grim info. Keep on climbing until you reach a short upward path on your map. Go up it to find Braska's Sphere. D'aww.
- Keep going. After a while you'll see some rocks to your left; inspect them for some more grisly info. Onward!
- A short ways past the rocks the path will split. Head west (on the map - it's straight ahead while steering, which can be a bit confusing) and you'll find a chest containing a Defending Bracer.
- Backtrack and go north this time. You'll come to a man you've seen many, many times: the flighty Wantz. Turns out he's O'aka's brother, and he wants to follow in his bro's footsteps by selling you things. Very... expensive... things. Buy what you need / want. Holy Waters - a lot of them - are recommended for an upcoming battle.
- Carry on south until you reach a canyon wall directing you west. Head left, towards the edge of the camera, to reveal a short underpass. Down here you'll find two chests containing an HP Sphere and a Lv. 4 Key Sphere.
- In the north is yet another stone formation. You know what to do.
- The path splits near the formation. Go west and down a small slope to find... well, nothing, actually, so don't bother. Go south, up the slope, and you'll find a Save Sphere. Never a good sign, that. Beyond the Save Sphere... a big 'ol world of pain.
BOSS: Seymour Flux, Mortiorchis
Oh man. One of the toughest bosses in the game coming up. Seymour has pulled out all the stops this time, and is ready to kick your butt. Teamed up with the flying parasite machine Mortiorchis, Seymour begins the battle in a weird way: by zombifying your characters with his Lance of Atrophy and then using Full-Life to immediately kill his target. These two moves typically come one after the other, with no time in-between to heal zombie, so already being protected from zombie status with items is a very wise choice. You can also use Haste or Hastega to boost your speed and increase the chances of being able to toss out a Holy Water.
After a few turns of this, Seymour will break out another move: Cross Cleave. This horrid attack hits everyone for a significant amount of physical damage. Seymour will then typically follow up with more zombifying and Full-Life-ing, which has the potential to wipe out the rest of your party. I suggest bringing out Auron to outlast these sweeps, and give at least him Protect status. Something equipped to ignore zombie status is also wise. Once Cross Cleave is done, bring out a Mega-Phoenix to restore the rest of the party and continue the assault.
Do significant amounts of damage to Seymour and he'll not only cast Protect and Shell on himself, but Reflect. Now you can't use magic on him unless you manage to Dispel his wall. Seymour will thereafter cast Flare on himself and bounce it back at you, typically doing about 2,000 HP of damage per hit. Ouch.
Not done yet. Seymour's nastiest trick is Mortiochis' ultimate attack, Total Annihilation. Another all-hitting physical attack, Total Annihilation takes three turns to power up and will decimate a party that isn't fully protected by Protect. Bring out your characters with the highest HP (again, Auron) to ward this off. Unfortunately, you can't use aeons to offset this damage, as Seymour will dispel them and then use Total Annihilation. He'll keep using it until you or he dies.
So how do you win? Aside from just beating on him until his HP goes down, there are two mean tricks you can use.
- First, have Lulu cast Bio on Seymour. He's vulnerable to poisoning, and Bio will sap him of 1,400 HP every time he takes a turn. Not an amazing amount, but theoretically you could focus solely on defense and just watch as Seymour is eaten away.
- Second, Silence Buster. Wakka is Seymour's worst nightmare in this fight, as you can silence him pretty much every time with Silence Buster. This will, in the later parts of the battle, force Seymour to waste his turn. So much for Flare.
Seymour Flux is a tough customer, but he can be brought down. It, uh, might just take a few tries to get it right.
- Carry on to the next Save Sphere. On the way you'll pass several stone pillars; there's a chest between two of the pillars on your left. It contains the Saturn Crest. Past that you'll see something reeeeeally weird, and you'll be treated to a lengthy cut scene that explains a lot. Kinda. Maybe. Not really.