Final Fantasy X Walkthrough, Part Twenty-One: Inside Sin

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Part Twenty: Sin

Main Walkthrough

Sin - Sea of Sorrow
- Yep, you're now inside the beast. How surreal. Save - you can also use this Save Sphere to get back into the airship and leave - and head inward.
- This first section of Sin is unlike others in the game in that you must uncover the path as you go along. The map doesn't, er, 'map' things out for you in advance. Pay attention to the ground; if it's blue-ish, you can walk on it.
- Walk northwest until the path forces you east. You'll shortly find a second Yevon sign, indicating a crossroads. Take a left and walk west.
- At the end of this short jaunt is another Yevon symbol and a, er, 'waterfall', for lack of a better word. Head straight north. Keep going until there's another waterfall to your right.
- Walk left a short ways until you reach a Yevon symbol. Proceed south to another Yevon symbol. Take a quick left here (towards the bottom-left corner of your screen) and you'll find a short path leading to a Phantom Ring. Head east to find the waterfall you found earlier; at the top is a chest containing a Special Ring. Don't wander off the edge by accident!
- Return to the Yevon symbol and run as far north as you can go. You'll be forced left or right. To the left is a chest containing an Elixir. To the right you'll be forced on a southern course; once you reach an intersection, take a left and follow the path to find the second waterfall you discovered earlier. At the edge of it is a Wizard Lance. (Don't go over!)
- Backtrack north. Once you hit the next intersection you'll see a chest at the bottom of the screen. Twist south to reach it; inside it is a Lv. 3 Key Sphere.
- Run north. After some twisting passages you'll see a set of stairs, and a Save Sphere beside them. Ascend, watch the cut scene, and duke it out with you-know-who one last time.
BOSS: Seymour Omnis, Mortiphasm x4
Considering the difficulty level of the previous Seymour battle, this one's a slight step back. (Though still tricky.) Surrounded by four Mortiphasms, revolving discs that determine his elemental leanings, Seymour returns to his old tricks by using elemental attacks for the majority of the battle. He'll essentially do one of two things on his turn:
- He'll use four spells. The nature of the spells is determined by the colour facing him on each of the Mortiphasms. If the colour is orange, he'll use a fire spell; purple is ice; green is lightning; blue, water. If at least three Mortiphasms are the same colour, Seymour will use -ga level spells; otherwise his spells will be -ra level.
- He'll use Dispel on your characters. On the next turn, Seymour will use Ultima on all of your characters. Expect 4,000-ish damage, depending on each character's magic defense. Ouch.
Start off by hitting at least two of the Mortiphasms. This will force Seymour to use -ra level spells, which are much less painful. That done, use Mental Break to wear down his defense and mash on Seymour as much as you can. Nul spells are good as it's easy to predict what Seymour will use on his next turn, but it's better to keep Yuna available so she can bring out an aeon when Seymour's about to use Ultima. Let the aeon absorb the damage instead. Unlike the previous battles, Seymour will not dispel your aeon.
Overall? Not that bad a battle. A bit disappointing a sendoff for 'ol Seymour, but there you go.
Sin - City of Dying Dreams
- You're now in a city landscape. The enemies are a bit different here, and though you can probably handle most of them without warning you'll reeeeeally want to watch out for Great Marlboros. Their Bad Breath attack can render you utterly helpless to defend yourself, addled to death with status ailments.
- Walk a short ways north. To your right is a glyph on the wall. It expects you to kill ten fiends. Do so and it will open up; behind it is... another door. Same thing. And beyond that? Another door! Kill thirty total fiends to uncover a chest, beyond which is a Lv. 4 Key Sphere. Note that you just have to kill ten fiends each time, not ten different fiends.
- As you make your way north you'll cross a small gap via a blue tile. Hit X once you're on the tile and it will ascend. At the top is a Four-on-one. Go back down and look a short jaunt north for a similar tile; activate it to find a Defending Bracer.
- Follow the path northward until the area opens up a bit. Northwest of where you come out (to your left) is another glyph to bypass. Beyond it is a chest containing a Megaelixir.
- Return to the open area. In the middle of it is a small ramp leading into the pit. At the bottom is a chest containing 20,000 gil. Nearby is a blue crest; stand on it to get shot up into the sky. You'll wind up near another chest, this containing an HP Sphere. Follow the map across the walkways to the north and, near another elevator, you'll find a third chest. Inside is a Defense Sphere.
- Take the northeast passage and continue east. Eventually you'll encounter a small maze consisting of rising platforms that will bar your path; all you can really do is fumble your way through. Once you hit them, turn north to find a small side passage.
- A slide will dump you down a level, and despite how it looks, you can't return to the previous area from here. Follow the ramps to leave the area.
- On the next screen you'll find a Save Sphere at a cross roads. Run east after saving to find a small pit, back in the previous area; hop down into it to find a chest containins a Laevatein. Climb back up and return to the crossroads, heading north.
The Nucleus
This is a strange location. Tidus is dropped into a small, grassy, open area with a constantly-rotating camera. As you wander around, two things will happen:
- Icicles will pop out of the ground at random. If you touch one, you'll run into a battle.
- Glowing spheres will appear. Touch one of these and you'll earn an item, either a weapon or a sphere.
The trick here is to touch ten glowing spheres. Do that and you'll proceed to the next area. It's not so difficult at first, though it gets trickier as the rate of popping icicles increases. Watch for gathering pyreflies as a sign that a sphere is about to appear and dash for it.
Dream's End
- This is it. Heal, equip your party, use up any sphere levels you've got left, and step forward to speak to the man in the room. The final battle approaches!
BOSS: Braska's Final Aeon, Yu Pagoda x2
Oooo, painful battle. Emotionally and literally. Braska's Final Aeon is capable of dishing out whopping amounts of damage in a short period of time. He also has over 200,000 total HP, so this battle will probably take a while.
The first section of the battle consists of the Aeon taking potshots at your group with its claws. He'll either swipe physically or use his Jecht Beam, which will cause petrification to a single character - and sometimes shatter them immediately, reducing your team by one. Stoneproof is, consequently, highly recommended for this battle. In the second section he'll gain an enormous sword, which will hit everyone for more damage than the claw alone.
During both sections the Aeon's Overdrive gauge will rise; in the first he'll use an attack that inflicts zombie and does a ton of damage, while in the second does a ton of damage to everyone. Having Tidus talk to the Aeon in battle will reduce the Overdrive gauge to zero, though he can only do this twice. Reserve this option for the second section.
Throughout the fight the Aeon will have the aid of two Yu Pagodas. One will heal the Aeon while the other will boost its attack strength. They're easy to kill at 5,000 apiece, but each time you destroy one it will come back a few turns later. Worse, it will have more HP added to its total, equal to the amount you went over its original total when killing it. If you only stop one of the Pagodas, the other will use a painful Curse attack to inflict status ailments on your party until it, too, is stopped (or the other Pagoda comes back).
Start the battle with Hastega, then dedicate one or two characters to bombarding Braska's Final Aeon with their strongest attacks. You want to take out the Pagodas first, as Power Wave makes the Aeon just a bit too strong for comfort. Assuming he's strong enough to hit over 5,000 consistently (9,999 would be preferable), Wakka's the man to do this, since the Pagodas are out of normal striking range. Then beat on the Aeon until he pulls out his sword. If anyone is petrified, heal them before they can be shattered. Like, immediately.
The Aeon's Overdrive is your greatest concern. Watch the growing bar throughout the battle. You can let it go off during the first phase, assuming you aren't dishing out a ton of damage, but during the second you must stop it by Talking to the Aeon. You'll take too much damage otherwise.
Overall, this isn't the hardest battle in the game, but it is tough. I recommend taking on some of the side quests, getting Quick Hit, and generally levelling if you have trouble beating Braska's Final Aeon.
After defeating the Aeon your team will have to face off against Yuna's aeons one at a time, as well as Yu Yevon himself. (Itself.) You'll have Auto-Life active throughout these battles, though, so it's virtually impossible to lose. Hence, no need for further guidance. Keep on soldiering through and, eventually, you'll come out on top. You've beaten Final Fantasy X! Enjoy the ending!
Part Twenty-Two: Omega Ruins

Main Walkthrough

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