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- As soon as you visit Bevelle, the option to assault Sin will open up on your airship's list. Choose it to spark the final stages of the game.
- Make your way through the ship to the elevator in the back. You can buy stuff from Rin along the way, if you wish. Picking up Remedies is a wise choice.
- Be careful about saving in the rear of the airship! Though the final dungeon is not a point of no return, fighting Sin is. If you're not confident in your ability to bring it down, create a new save file or don't save at all.
- Cut scene. Battle commences!
BOSS: Left Fin
Time for some boss showdowns. Left Fin is another airship battle which takes distance into account. Sin starts off at a distance, too far for close range attacks, and either Tidus or Rikku can order Cid to move the airship alongside Sin. Doing this will expose your team to several potential attacks:
- Sin's most common attack is a sweeping ram which will hit everyone for 1,000+ HP damage. It will do this from a distance or close up.
- After a while Sin will use Negation, removing any positive status buffs like Haste from your party. Negation also removes debuffs from Sin, so if you used Armor Break to reduce its defenses you'll have to use it again.
- Eventually Sin will charge up, and after a single turn of charging it will use Gravija, a powerful percentile attack that will strip away most of your characters' HP (but not actually kill anyone). It doesn't work at a range, so try to move the airship away when Sin is charging.
This fight isn't too bad. Move in close, have Auron use Armor Break to strip away Sin's defenses, assault the beast, heal as necessary, and sweep away again before Gravija goes off. Repeat as needed until Sin dies. If you have strong magic and a powerful Wakka you can potentially win this fight without having to move anywhere near Sin, though in most cases movement is a necessity.
BOSS: Right Fin
Y'know all that stuff you just did? Do it again. Woo!
BOSS: Sinspawn Genais, Sin
Been a while since your last Sinspawn battle. Genais looks familiar, and like its kin earlier in the game it likes poison attacks and enjoys hiding in its shell. Batter Genais with your strongest ttacks immediately (fire does wonders against it) and try to leech its HP before it can poison or seriously hurt any of your characters. Hurt it enough and it will retreat into its shell and use Cura as a retort to attacks; get around this with Lulu's Firaga. You want it dead...
... before the Sin core behind it can do much. Sin in this battle does the same thing as its two predecessors, alternating between Negation and Gravija. Consequently, so long as Genais is dead, Sin can't really kill you. It'll hurt, sure, but not kill. The exception to this is when you hit the core, as it will occasionally fire back with a weak black magic spell against everyone. Heal occasionally after Gravija goes off and this won't be an issue.
- Cut scene ensues. You can now stop fighting Sin, if you think you need to level or gather more equipment. We'll just assume you plan on fighting some more.
- Head for the elevator. Ouch time.
And you thought Sin was bad before. Now you're facing the thing head on, and, true to its aeonic roots, it's preparing to use an Overdrive on you. You have somewhere between 15 and 20 turns to whittle down Sin's HP before it uses Giga-Graviton and immediately wipes out your party. Game Over! Sin makes this worse by occasionally using an all-hitting attack that inflicts either stone or confusion, both of which can really hinder your ability to take the offensive.
Your goal, more than ever, is to lay as much damage into Sin as possible. Seriously, you have to inflict 160,000 HP of damage in those turns or you're dead. No stalling, no fun tricks, just pure damage output. Until Sin pulls you into close range you're limited to ranged attacks, but once you're up close you can use any of the below to bring it down:
- Physical attacks from your attackers
- Armor Break
- Black magic, preferably Flare, bolstered by DoubleCast
- White magic, mainly Holy
- Quick Hit - with somebody feeding him MP Tidus can take Sin down alone with this ability
- Overdrives
- Aeons
- Aeons WITH Overdrives
In other words, everything you've got. Deploy Hastega on your team, then go crazy. Hold nothing back.
- Once you defeat Sin you'll gain access to Sin's innards, thereby opening up the final dungeon of the game. Are you ready for what awaits?