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- Highbridge of Bevelle sports a new event on your list of locations. Head there and meet with the welcoming ceremony. Badness ensues, though for once there are no battles involved.
- Back to the airship after. That was easy.
You now have a choice. You can either go to Sin and begin the end game material - which, mind, is not final, and you can back out after an initial battle - or you can spend some time wandering the world in your awesome new airship. This article will focus on revisiting areas you've already been, going to places that are brand new, and picking up items and abilities that will help ease the final battle.
(This portion is still being written. A few days more, y'all.)
Baaj Temple
Remember that old, dusty ruin Tidus wound up in at the beginning of the game? It's known as Baaj Temple, and you can revisit it now that you have the airship. It doesn't appear on the map normally, though, and you'll have to find it on your own. Enter Search mode on the airship's map and scroll down to the chain of mountains in southwestern Spira. Baaj is on the southernmost island before the water is enveloped in cloud, at roughly 11 X by 57 Y.
- You'll appear by the Save Sphere near the water. Cross the ruins and jump in when you're ready for a fight. Note that only Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku will get to fight. You may want something to ward off stone status.
- Dive down and approach the green dot on the map. Get close enough and the fight will begin.
BOSS: Geosgaeno
Ahaaaa, long time no see! This big lug nearly offed Tidus during his first visit, and it's only fair you pay him back. Geosgaeno isn't that bad to kill, but it can be tricky thanks to its Stone Punch, which both petrifies AND immediately shatters a target. In other words, you lose one of your three characters pronto. Geosgaeno can also suck in your characters to share their status buffs, and if they Struggle Geosgaeno will shoot them back out - causing an instant KO.
And if they don't Struggle? Geosgaeno will shoot them back out with one HP, and the rest of the team will get knocked out instead. Yeesh. Even worse if you kill Geosgaeno while someone's in its gut, as pretty much everyone will die immediately.
Despite this, the fight's not that bad. Geosgaeno just doesn't hit hard enough or often enough to wipe you out. Immediately cast Hastega, then start laying into the creature with your best elemental attacks. Everyone's Overdrives are handy here, particularly Rikku's Mix. Rikku's Spare Change is also great at doing damage, though you'll lose a lot of coin in the process. Geosgaeno only has 20,000+ HP, so this battle shouldn't take too long.
- Head for the green spot again after the battle. It will eventually lead to a room with a giant, purple glyph at the end. This leads to a Chamber of the Fayth. If you have collected all six treasures from the six Cloister of Trials you've been through in the game, you can stand before the six statues in this small hall, unlock their respective seals, and get inside the door at the end to claim the aeon Anima. Yes, Seymour's Anima. It's ridiculously strong. Look back at the specific temples in this walkthrough for instructions on collecting the treasure chests. Note that you have to stand in front of all six statues in this hallway to open the Chamber of the Fayth and collect Anima.
Remiem Temple
GET THE FAYTH, visit after for a Defense Sphere. (In progress, needless to say.)
Besaid Falls
In the far south of the airship's world map you'll see a small island, just off the coast of the mainland. This is Besaid. Click around it to find Besaid Falls. Zip there to appear beside a chest containing a Dragoon's Lance.
Sanubia Sands
There's a desert island on the western side of the map. This is Bikanel. Click it to find Sanubia Sands, then visit it from the airship. Inside the lone chest here is an Ascalon.
Location Passwords
Occasionally during your quest you've come across Al Bhed scrawls on ancient ruins that may have made no sense. These scrawls are, in fact, passwords that you can use to unlock various tiny locations that boast powerful items. The name of the item corresponds with the password used to unlock it. They are:
- GODHAND (Mushroom Rock - Note that this is a celestial weapon, and consequently requires more than just the ride to obtain)
- VICTORIOUS (Besaid Ruins 1)
- MURASAME (Besaid Ruins 2)
Celestial Weapons
Every Final Fantasy title has its own 'ultimate' weapons, and in Final Fantasy X they appear in the form of celestial weapons. Not only can these fearsome arms break the 9,999 damage limit, they bear a ton of other crazy abilities as well. This article (link coming in the future) covers finding the celestial weapons, as well as the Sigils and Crests needed to upgrade them to their fullest power.