Final Fantasy X Walkthrough, Part Seven: Mushroom Rock Road

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Part Six: Mi'ihen Highroad

Main Walkthrough

Mushroom Rock
- After watching the cut scene with Seymour you'll regain control of the party. East of where you begin you'll find three Crusaders; one will give you an Ether, another a Hi-Potion, and another two Phoenix Downs. Two of these soldiers run off periodically, but they'll always come back to this spot if you wait long enough.
- Chocobo Knight Clasko will direct you north. Follow this path and you'll find O'aka waiting; the Magic Ring and Bangle, if nothing else, are worth buying for Yuna and Lulu.
- On the next screen is a Save Sphere. Beyond is a lone soldier; he'll give you a Hi-Potion. Step on the emblem near him to rise to a new level and continue north.
- In a small niche, past a series of zig-zagging rock pathways, is a soldier beside a chest. The soldier will give you ten Potions, while the chest contains 1,000 gil.
- Follow the path in the wake of Lucil's chocobo. Just north of where she stops, halfway through, is a chest containing a Remedy.
- Keeeeep going. Eventually you'll reach Shelinda, and if you keep talking to her she'll offer to heal you.
- Near the end of the path, under an arch, is a chest containing a Hi-Potion.
- Continue past to find Elma, standing beside a list. Hop on and it will take you into new territory. The first guy you see up here will give you an X-Potion.
- Run north until the camera angle changes to an overhead shot. A man walking around here will give you 400 gil. Head west once you see him, to the green spot on your mini map, to find a lift. It'll take you down to a chest containing a Serene Armlet. Return to the patrolling dude and go north.
- Check your map. To the west you'll see a thin path that curves north. At the end of it you'll find Al Bhed Primer Vol. X. It's difficult to see on this terrain, but it is there.
- Backtrack to the wider area and use the lift. At the top you'll find a large, blue platform beside a Save Sphere. Talk to the unnamed Crusader for a Mega-Potion, then follow Gatta to see a quick cut scene. Speak to Luzzu afterward for another cut scene.
- Get on the blue platform and activate it to ascend to the command center. Follow the path south and keep going until you reach the encampment in the east.
- There's another Save Sphere near the encampment. O'aka's hanging out here with some wares, as well, and they're pretty awesome... though very expensive, if you haven't been donating a whole lot.
- Upon entering the encampment you'll speak to Gatta. Speak to him twice more and you can give him advice, either to fight Sin or to stick by the command center. This advice is more important than you'd think.
- Go inside and you'll see a cut scene. Afterward, the team will spread out. Near Lulu and Yuna you'll find two chests containing a Serene Bracer and a Mega-Potion. Grab both, save, and speak to the Crusader in the bottom-right corner of the encampment to begin Operation Mi'ihen.
- Cut scene. Once it ends...
BOSS: Sinspawn Gui
Bosses are certainly getting tougher these days. Gui is a four-part monster, consisting of two arms, a head, and the main body. The body's your primary target, but attacking it will draw a fantastic defense from the two arms, which will automatically protect it and greatly reduce the damage done. Consequently, the arms must be destroyed before you can properly attack the main body. You'll need Auron and Kimahri to pull this off with their piercing weapons, as well as Lulu's magic. Gui's claws cause a lot of damage in melee combat, so it's to your benefit to get rid of them immediately. They will regenerate periodically, so be prepared to repeat yourself a few times.
While fighting you'll also receive notification of Gui's head moving oddly. This is a sign that Gui is about to use its Venom attack on one character, poisoning them. Lulu, Wakka, and Kimahri can stop this with their ranged attacks (in Kimahri's case, Lancet). You can kill the head and stop this, but doing so is largely unnecessary. Focus most of your might on the body.
Properly handled, Gui is not that dangerous. So long as you dispose of the claws and stop the head attacking its worst attack will be the occasional Demi, which will eat away at everyone's HP without ever actually killing them. It's a long fight, but with Haste in play and a constant strong of strong attacks there's no reason you'll ever be taken down.
Upon beating Gui, you'll immediately get into another fight with it - though this time you have Seymour on your team. Seymour has access to extremely-powerful second level spells, and can waste Gui in a few shots. Let Yuna and Auron play backup while Seymour goes on the offensive and wastes the beastie.
- Cut scene. Bad stuff. Check the north half of the beach for someone familiar. An interaction will trigger the rest of the cut scene.
- Wander around the second beach in the aftermath. You'll trigger a variety of cut scenes with other characters. Before leaving via the northern path, check the western cliffs for a chest containing a Hi-Potion.
- Along the northern path you'll find Shelinda, who will offer to heal you. That aside, you can talk to O'aka to purchase wares, then continue on your journey. To the Djose Temple!
Part Eight: Djose Temple

Main Walkthrough

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