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Operation Mi'ihen has ended in disaster. Sin still lives, and the Pilgrimage to Zanarkand must continue. Yuna and company are on their way to their third temple, hoping to claim another aeon for their summoner - though they have no idea what it will be...
Djose Highroad
- There's a Save Sphere near the entrance to this area. You may want to stay here and use it, as the Basilisks in this area are a fantastic source of Ability Spheres. Lulu at the very least will probably be close to her second tier Black Magic spells by now, if you've kept up with your Sphere Grid, and it's wise to have a lot of these rare(ish) Spheres on hand.
- Only one way to go, really, and that's north. You can see most of the route in advance, and the first chest on your left contains two Phoenix Downs.
- Across from the chest is a Crusader. Talk to him twice to receive a Variable Steel.
- Just north of this man is a rock support propping up the tunnel ceiling above. As you pass the support the camera angle will shift, and if you're close enough to the support you'll see the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XI behind it.
- A priest walks north and south through here, past the support. Talk to him for a Hi-Potion.
- Further north is a second Crusader. He'll give you a Soft Ring.
- Past the Crusader you'll see a small divet in the stone cliffs. Enter the divet to find a hidden chest containing a Bright Bangle.
- Another Crusader is moping nearby. Talk to him for an Ether.
- Further down... yep, another sad Crusader. He has a Mega-Potion for you.
- End of the line ahead. Cut scenes abound.
Djose Temple
- Another cut scene. After it's done, check the west side of the area. Beyond the Chocobo Knights is a chest containing 4,000 gil.
- Check to the right of the temple's entrance. You'll find either Luzzu or Gatta. 'nough said. East of him/him, next to the building, is a chest containing four Ability Spheres.
- Last before entering the temple, check out the building itself. Here you can rest and purchase items and weapons.
- Head on inside. You'll meet a new recurring character and his guardians. Before entering the Cloister of Trials, check out the two side chambers: the top one contains a chest with a Remedy, the bottom one a chest with a Mega Phoenix. Beside the door into the top room you'll also find a chest containing an Ether.
Djose Cloister of Trials
1.) There is a locked door in the first room of this Cloister. Set into the left and right walls leading up to it are Djose Spheres. Remove them from their recesses and set them into the door to open it up.
2.) In the next room head is a pedestal atop a partially-gloing glyph. Surrounding it are three more Djose Spheres. Remove two of these Spheres (the ones in the walls) and embed them in the two recesses down the pathway to the right of the pedestal.
3.) Push the pedestal to the right, beneath the light that just sparked to life. The Djose Sphere set into the pedestal will be amplified as a result.
4.) Pluck it out of the pedestal. Return to the central glyph and insert the Sphere into the recess on the right side of the door to open it up. Beyond is a deadly electrical field.
5.) Put the two remaining spheres into the recesses on the pedestal. Then push the pedestal left and into the electrical field. It will form a platform to hop across. Push the pedestal on the other side of the electrical field into place to activate a portion of the glyph in the previous room. Once you're back outside, step on the shimmering light to your left to move the pedestal back to the central room.
6.) Remove the two Djose Spheres from the pedestal and place them in the two recesses in the antechamber where you first found them. Once the glyph is completed a lift will appear.
7.) A wavering glyph will appear on the wall to your left. Touch it to reveal a Destruction Sphere. Grab it, then hop on the lift.
8.) There are five pedestals in the next room. Move them each into place to reveal another pedestal and a set of stairs.
9.) Place the Destruction Sphere on the pedestal. It will blow up a wall, revealing a chest. Inside is a Magic Sphere.
10.) Go upstairs. All done! Once people are done talking, try to leave to trigger the remainder of the cut scenes. Yuna will thereafter gain the Ixion summon. Pretty sweet.
- Back outside, you'll have to wait for Yuna to show up. Enter the shop before she does and check the rear, beside the desk. Where once there was a priest blocking your way is now a chest containing a Switch HItter. Then reenter the temple and check the top room outside the Cloister to find Yuna. A few final cut scenes will bring your time at Djose Temple to a close.
- Follow everyone south. Talk to the Crusaders on the bridge out of Djose Temple; one of them will give you a Halberd. Another will give you ten Potions. Last, speak to the monk patrolling the bridge for two Hi-Potions. Once all is said and done you'll be on your way north, towards the Moonflow.