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Moonflow - South Bank
- The monsters along here are pretty standard fare. The exception are the Ochu, big, plant-based fiends that have almost boss-level HP and can poison you with their attacks. Ochu yield a fair amount of AP, but they aren't otherwise worth the time invested. Unless you want the status-blocking armour they sometimes drop, I recommend running from these fights.
- Head north on the first screen. Past a pair of Crusaders you'll find Shelinda on the side of the road. To her right, on a small path, is a chest containing three Lv. 1 Key Spheres.
- Northward bound. You'll soon meet two of Kimahri's old 'friends'. When they run off you'll find a chest sitting beside a nearby tree. Inside is an X-Potion.
- Carry on up the path until you see a small dip to your right on the map. It leads to a chest containing three Lv. 1 Key Spheres.
- Near the end of this path you'll encounter Belgemine a second time. She'll take you on with Ixion as her summon. Her Ixion knows Haste, allowing it to greatly outspeed anything you can throw at it. Neither of your summons has a great advantage over the other in this contest, so go for sheer damage capacity. Ifrit is the better choice as a frontrunner since he can do more damage and take more in return, so I recommend using him. Put up his Shield, wait out Ixion's attacks, and go for Overdrive once it's prepped. You'll win two Dragon Scales and a Summoners Soul for winning, the latter of which will allow you to equip your aeons with new abilities.
- Keep on truckin' to the north. Just before you hit the screen transition there will be a path to your left; go down it to find a chest containing a Magic Def Sphere.
- Continue down the forest path until you hit a cut scene. Keep following the path until it terminates.
Moonflow - South Wharf
- The first thing you'll probably notice here is a chest. Inside? Two Phoenix Downs. Swanky.
- Next to the chest is O'aka. He has the usual spread of above-average weapons and armour. Buy what you think you need.
- Head west one screen. The largeish fellow near where you appear is another merchant; he's a bit below O'aka's standards.
- There's another merchant by the stairs. Her stuff is eh.
- You can head west another screen. After some... weird... decision-making by Captain Lucil, you can walk around. Maechen is here to talk about shoopufs, and if you check in the tent you'll find yet another merchant. (Some of their wares overlap, you may have noticed. Hunt for a bargain... or don't shop at all. You're not missing out on much.) Behind Lulu in this tent is a chest containing 5,000 gil.
- Return to the previous screen and speak to the Hypello on the raised platform to hop on the shoopuf and ride across the Moonflow. Weeeeee!
- ... or not. Trouble's a brewin'. Those stinkin' Al Bhed!
BOSS: Extractor
Yikes, more machina. And you only have Wakka and Tidus! Fortunately, this fight is a snap. The Extractor doesn't do a whole lot of damage, and it's surprisingly slow to boot. Take advantage of this by casting Haste on both characters. Depending on your level, they'll usually get to go twice before the Extractor goes once. Then just keep chewing away on the thing until it runs out of HP. Lightning-based weaponry will make this fight easier, but it's far from compulsory.
Moonflow - North Wharf / Bank
- Once you whomp the Extractor you'll wind up on the opposite side of the Moonflow. Save and head west.
- O'aka's here again. You... probably don't need anything new just yet.
- Walk up onto the platform beside the large, spinning wheel. On it is a conspicuous object, no less than the Al Bhed Primer vol. XII.
- Go one screen further west. Before the path onward you'll find a chest containing an Ether.
- Head west a short ways... and, after a cut scene, you have a new party member! Howdy, Rikku! She won't fit neatly into your party right away, but whenever machina show up she's a godsend. Treasure chests will also begin appearing randomly in combat, and Rikku is the go-to character for plundering these riches.
- Continue up the path. Shortly after receiving a tutorial battle with Rikku you'll see a chest to your right. It contains four Antidotes.
- Next screen. As you head north you'll run into some fancy natural architecture. To the left of this strange gate is a chest containing a Mega-Potion. Run inside the gate and you'll wind up in your next destination: holy Guadosalam.