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Pilgrimage Road
- After someinitial silliness, you'll regain control of Tidus. Save at the nearby Save Sphere before climbing the steps...
- ... because, hey, a monster! Sinspawn, no less! Guardian time it is.
BOSS: Sinspawn Geneaux, Geneaux Tentacles x 2
Geneaux looks a lot more dangerous than it actually is. The boss consists of three parts: the main body, protected by a thick shell, and two Geneaux Tentacles. Geneaux's shell deadens any attack save Kimahri's lances and Lulu's Fire spell. Worse, if you try to cast Fire on Geneaux while the Tentacles are still alive, they'll simply absorb the spell. Wipe out the Tentacles first with physical attacks, then have Lulu cast Fire on Geneaux once or twice. This will open its shell. Continue with physical attacks and Fire to bring it down in a hurry. Geneaux's only problematic attack is Sigh, which may poison one or more characters, though even with this the battle is quite straightforward.
Kilika Temple
- After a long cut scene you'll wind up at the entrance to Kilika Temple. Head inside for another cut scene.
- Talk to Wakka to trigger more cut scenes. After everyone takes off, approach the Cloister of Trials up the nearby stairs.
- Once the rest of the party descends into the Cloister of Trials, wait for the elevator to come back up. Once it does, try to get on. Shenanigans!
Kilika Cloister of Trials
1.) Inside the Cloister's entrance is a closed door. Beside the door is a pedestal containing a Kilika Sphere. Pick up the Sphere and use it on the recess in the door. Remove the Sphere to dispel the resulting flames and head inside.
2.) Ahead, to your left and to your right in the next room are wall recesses. Put the Kilika Sphere in the central recess to make a glyph appear on the wall. Remove the Kilika Sphere and put it in one of the other recesses.
3.) Touch the glyph to open the wall behind it. Beyond is a room full of fire.
4.) On the right side of this room, feeding the fire, is a Kilika Glyph. Remove it from its sconce and put it in a recess in the previous room.
5.) Grab the Glyph Sphere from the moveable pedestal. Insert it into the recess you just emptied to stop the fire. This will also open a wall, revealing a Destruction Sphere.
6.) Return to the room with the pedestal and place the Kilika Sphere into the pedestal. Then move it into the room with the fire wall. Place it on the sparkling tile to lower this tile down into the former fire pit.
7.) Remove the Kilika Sphere and use it on the recess beside the door to the north. Don't remove it just yet.
8.) Grab the Destruction Sphere and insert it into the recess above the tile you just lowered. You'll unveil a chest containing a Red Armlet.
9.) Remove the Kilika Sphere and proceed into the room beyond.
- Speak to Wakka and Lulu until Tidus learns about the Fayth. Then try to leave. Yuna should emerge from her prayers, and you'll be allowed to depart - with the Ifrit aeon as part of your summoning repertoire. Sweet.
- Leave the Temple. Cut scenes...
- Make your way back through the forest. Same 'ol fiends.
- There's nothing new to see in Kilika. Head back to the port and Embark.
S.S. Winno
- You'll start out belowdecks with the Besaid Aurochs. Behind the Aurochs is a semi-hidden chest containing a Hi-Potion.
- Go through the door to your right. The only person of substance in here is O'aka, who is again looking for donations. Talk to him three times and he'll also show you his wares, which are nothing special at this point. A few Phoenix Downs couldn't hurt...?
- Go abovedeck. You can find Yuna at the rear of the ship; talk to her after the cut scene for an additional conversation.
- Check out the bridge. You'll find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. V sitting on the ground.
- Go upstairs on the deck to listen to Wakka and Lulu. They have a few different things to say if you keep going up.
- Save, then approach the stern of the Winno. You'll find a blitzball sitting on the deck. After a quick cut scene, Tidus will have the opportunity to perform the Jecht Shot, a special Blitzball move. If you successfully shake off the bad memories as prompted while he's performing the shot, Tidus will be able to use the Jecht Shot during Blitzball matches. If you plan on winning the tournament in Luca (yes, it's not a certain thing), you'll really really want to get this right. You can come back to get the Jecht Shot later, but I advise trying to learn it before the Winno docks. Reload if you mess up and try again.
After some further cut scenage, whether you win or lose, you'll wind up in Luca. Excitement!