- Before speaking to Hope, have a quick look around. There are some floating treasure boxes to open. One contains a Devil's Daughter; another has Prytwen; another has Blizzard Lv. 1 and Light Guard Lv. 1; the last contains Mist WIzard. Opening all of them will trigger the Schemata Customization tutorial, allowing you to change your schemata and add the new one to your repertoire. (I recommend mapping Light Guard to the same button where you've already mapped Guard on the other schemata. You'll get confused in a pinch otherwise.)

- After doing all this, you'll unlock the EP Ability Escape. Doing so will unlock a tutorial on EP Abilities via the Book of Conquests, found on a nearby book shelf. This book will allow you to fight bosses you've already defeated a second time. Take on the Zaltys again to learn about EP Abilities.

- Now you can chat with Hope. Watch the long cut scene that follows, then speak to him again. He'll speak to you of Eradia, a source of power gleaned from 'saving' people. Eradia will extend the clock of the game and allow you to postone the impending end of the world. Fancy.

- Speak to Hope yet again and he'll offer you the services of a small store. You'll have earned some EP from the events of the Ballroom; spend it as you see fit. I recommend at least purchasing a Phoenix Down. You can also learn more about the game's back story by probing Hope with more questions.

- After you're done wandering about, approach the helix-like device nearby. This is the transporter that will zip Lightning down to Nova Chrysalis, the game's primary setting. Another cut scene will send Lightning down to a new setting...


- You'll pop out at a train station in the grand city of Luxerion. After another lengthy cut scene detailing the woes of this place, you'll be popped into action. Lightning is apparently not well-liked 'round here. You'll immediately receive your first quest: Whither Faith.

- Note, too, that the timer is now counting down. Eep.

Whither Faith

- Start by speaking to the Inquisitor. He'll give you some of the details regarding the investigation. The two officers helping him will also clue you in on a few things.

- There are a number of people walking around the crime scene who have things to tell you. Speak to anyone who catches the game's autolock system for clues as to what happened here. They'll move around, so you have to be thorough to catch them all.

- Examine the clutter of papers on the ground to the right of the central clock tower. These are worth noting.

- Talk to the owner of the Outfitters stall beside the papers. He has some things to say about the killers involved.

- Look for a ladder in the east. Climb it and speak to the man at the top. He has some tips. While you're up here, leap onto the higher ledge nearby to speak to a guard beside the dummy you saw in the cut scene. Also up here is an item orb containing a Fighter's Emblem.

- Also to the east, in something of a darkened alley, is a man who will try to run from Lightning. Speak to him for info on the Shadow Hunter. (A man in the main square will rat him out, coincidentally.)

- Run up into the train station, via the ramp in the northeast. There's a resident and a cleric up here who will provide you with more info. Check the far end of the train platform to find another source of intel.

- Speaking to everyone involved will unlock the EP ability Chronostasis. It will allow you to temporarily freeze the world - and the clock. Fancy.

- Though not directly involved, there's a guard named Thorton in the west part of the station square, and sometimes inside the train station itself. Speak to him to trigger a side quest called Where are you, Holmes?

- Speak to the Inquisitor once you're done canvassing the area. This will complete the quest, and you'll earn 800 gil and Scholar's Glasses. You'll also gain a small boost to your stats


- The city is now unlocked, and you can wander around, purchase items, and get into trouble. Before you go anywhere else, though, check out the Canvas of Prayers that appears nearby, accompanied by the effervescent Chocolina. (I can't decide if she's energetic or just annoying.) You can use this board to access more side quests over the course of your journey. Fancy. The Canvas of Prayers currently has three relatively simple quests to complete.

- Now you have some weirdos in white to follow. Leave the station square and come back. There will be a group of men in white nearby. Discretely follow them, sticking behind buildings and climbing ladders to avoid detection. They'll charge at you and attack if you're not careful, so keep your distance and wait for them to start moving before you do the same.

- Follow them through the Restaurant District and into Haunted Row. Normal enemies may begin to pop up in these places, so be cautious.

- Hide behind the crates indicated upon following the Children of Etro to watch a cut scene. A code, eh? Intriguing.