- You'll gain control of Lightning again after the cut scene with the dudes in white hoods. You now have a new mission: discovering the code for this stupid door that's locking you out. Check around this small, grassy area for two Bronzed Medals and a Silvered Medal (they're glints of light on the ground), then head back to Luxerion's main streets.

- As noted before you were set loose, the numbers for the code are painted onto walls 'round the city. Unfortunately, these numbers will only appear after 6 am, which means wasting time until you're zipped back up to the Ark by Hope. Have a look around Luxerion, meet people, collect items, complete some of the simpler quests, and kill monsters for items. Then you'll automatically jump back to the Ark.

The Ark

- After arriving and giving up your Eradia, Hope will offer more information on the rest of your quest. He'll describe the role of Yggdrasil, the holy tree, as well as main and side quests.

- You can now return to Nova Crysalia. Before you do, though, check the chest floating nearby. Inside are Red Mage, a Liberator, and a Juno Sospita.

- Hop on the transporter. Back you go... though not before you hit a cut scene.


Find the Code

- Alright, time to grab some numbers. The code is spread throughout Luxerion; fortunately, it's also not that far from the places you've already visited in the main story.

- The first number appears in the Commercial District. Look for the Wharf of the Faithful, then look for a Pilgrim standing at the side of the street. He'll note that he saw a number nearby. Run past him, between the two buildings, to the water's edge. The first number is displayed here, on the wall. (There are gawkers. Can't miss it.)

- The second number appears in the alleys of the Warehouse District, a short ways south of the main Commercial District.

- While you're investigating this one, an 'Informative Man' (huh) will saunter up and tell you that a third number has appeared by the phone booth near South Station. Make tracks there through the Warehouse District and you can find a Thunderclap Cap and a Bronzed Medal along the way, as well as a bounty hunter with a quest for you. (Don't take the quest yet, though, as it conjures up a monster which you won't be able to beat this early in the game... and it will block your way through. Sigh...)

- If you speak to the Informative Man again, he'll tell you of another possible number in the Warren. Unfortunately, the Warren is closed off until 12 am, so you'll have to wait until the night to get in. Complete some quests and kill some monsters until the gate is open; you can use either the gate in the Northern Train Station or the one in Old Town. (The gate near old town is home to a Runic Ring. Check a platform overlooking the row of shops and the grassy land leading up to the gate.)

- The final number is in the north of the Warren. Leap down into the depths of the section and you'll find Lumina standing beside the number. Uh oh!

- After collecting the final number, hightail it back to Forsaken Graveyard. You don't have a ton of time left. Use the code on the phone booth and you'll be welcomed past the gate.

Rites for a Goddess

- Run along the path as it twists and winds. Be careful of the battles in here! Gremlins are easy; Gaunts are very much not. I recommend avoiding the latter for now. If you do take one on, keep your finger ready to guard constantly. Their air-based spells really hurt.

- Partway through, just as you're approach a sphere (it contains a Stormbane Choker), you'll hit a batch of Chaos. Chaos strengthens monsters and weakens Lightning, but it also offers the chances of more, and better, rewards. I suggest avoiding this patch, but it's up to you.

- Keep following the path until you hear chanting. Along the way you'll find a sphere; inside is a Zirconia Brooch.

- Up ahead you'll find a group of nutty worshipers. Approach them to spark a cut scene. Lightning'll show them all who's boss... and so will Noel.

The Warren

- Now you have to follow Noel, and he's headed to the Warren again. Dash over there before it hits 6 am and the Warren closes.

- Make your way to the lowest part of the Warren. You'll find the headquarters of the Children of Etro. It's currently guarded, and you'll need a Crest of Etro to get inside. This means tracking down a different member of the Children and stealing his or her Crest. Sigh...

Part Four: Hunter in Light and Shadow