Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
Images used for educational purposes only.
This is it. The team has tracked the nefarious Godcat to the uppermost climes of its temple. There can be only one outcome, one acceptable goal, one end point that will save the world: the destruction of all cats. Or something like that. Bring it, you frisky feline deity!
The area with the final Slime Cat has several treasures to plunder before you head across the bridge. Check the northern path back west to find four Amethysts, four Silks and two Gold Plates. Behind a pillar in the north is HamPizza and Sushi. To the south are two more visible chests containing BeefChips, a Burger, two Dark Runes, eighteen Paper Talismans and three Amethysts.
Further east you'll find another corridor of enemies. There are a few treasure chests, but you still can't get at most of them. Collect the Red Scroll and the one accessible chest, containing eighty-eight Wools, five Satins and Winged Boots! Woo! Now you can get those other two chests, which contain a Candycane, a Lollipop, four SundaesMythril Shards, eight Silks and eight Silver Plates.
There are more extras you can grab, but now's not the time. Continue east and you'll reach the final map of the game… and on that map… two Godcats?! Huh, that's… different… well. There's naught else you can do but take them on and hope for the best!
Battlin' the Godcat. He's got some serious hardware.
Battlin' the Godcat. He's got some serious hardware.
Godcat x 2
Yep, you're up against the light and dark Godcats you encountered earlier in the game. The white one is vulnerable to Dark attacks while the black one is vulnerable to Holy. Equip your characters accordingly, especially Matt. He can maul these kitties with the proper swords (namely Heaven's Gate and Devil's Sunrise)… though first you need to work your way through several waves.
In the first wave, the two Godcats will avoid all of your attacks, like before. Defend and heal until they change up, with the white Godcat going first.
In the second wave, the white Godcat will get in a massive machine called The Creator with flanking Blue Crystals that will immediately buff their whole team. Dispel their boosts, heal immediately after The Creator uses its painful all-hitting attack, and demolish the Blue Crystals as your first priority. After that, focus on your own all-hitting attacks, preferably Dark in nature, which will hit The Creator and its Blade of Heavens for massive damage. These Blades will regenerate after going down, but they'll lose their turns in the process. It's not a bad idea to get these guys wet, as they're also vulnerable to Lightning and will take extra damage if soaked. Beware the use of Syphon in this battle - it happens often, and can rob your magic users of much of their potency. Hopefully you have a lot of Garlic. One last tip: Kill the Mage Dogs immediately when they appear! They will both buff and heal!
Defeat The Creator and the two Godcats will come out to play again. Keep defending, as you still can't hit them like this. Now's also not a bad time to switch your weapons and armor to both resist and counter Dark spells and enemies…
The Destroyer, the final official boss in the game. Take it down!
The Destroyer, the final official boss in the game. Take it down!
… because, hey, guess what shows up now! It's The Destroyer's turn, and with its Red Crystals and Blades of Hell it's pretty much the elemental opposite of The Creator. You're much more likely to run into debuffs and status ailments in this fight, but other than that you just have to change up your attacks to stay on top. Holy attacks are by far the best choice here, with Ice a somewhat distant second. Don't bother with Fire if you're intent on destroy the side minions, as it will heal the Red Crystals, and they're a big source of debuffs.
When The Destroyer goes down the two Godcats will appear again. You have a few turns to bring your party back up to spec, which means reapplying buffs or, at the very least, getting rid of the copious debuffs and status problems from the previous battle.
The sixth wave is your worst nightmare. Thought one bewhiskered deity was bad? Try The Creator and The Destroyer at one time. Their opposing elements make choosing an appropriate weapon rather difficult. At this point it's better to let most of your party hold back while Matt goes on the offensive with one sword or the other, using either normal attacks (if you're really strong) or special attacks (Legend is fantastic). Natalie should stick to healing everyone, though Judgement is a great attack for walloping The Destroyer. Try to take out the darker half of the equation first, as its debuffs are really annoying and you can't seem to get rid of the buffs applied to The Creator, no matter how many times you use Dispel. This battle will take too long if you try to take out the side baddies, so focus most of your strikes on The Creator and The Destroyer. More Blades will come out to face you after one or the other side goes down, but they're more of a nuisance than a credible threat at this point.
Beat the two together and you'll face one more wave, though it's completely scripted and will see you through to the ending. Yay! You'll get The World Is Saved medal and the satisfaction that you, you know, saved the world. Hooray!