Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
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The majority of the Epic Battle Fantasy 4 experience is compulsory. You have to visit and defeat most of the stuff you see to beat the game, even if it means just for gaining the levels and weapons needed to take on the final boss. But there are secrets, things you can completely miss, and one of them is a little detail you might have completely forgotten about by the time you're taking on Godcat…
Just before you fought the Praetorian in the Plant you came across a room with a few lazy engineers who discuss the Glitch that turned the Plant's robots haywire in the first place. The locked room behind them may have seemed inaccessible, but you can actually get in - and the Glitch is waiting inside, an optional and secret boss.
In order to access the Glitch's room you must turn on a certain sequence of switches - those labelled II, III, VI, IX and X - inside the Plant, and those switches only. Every other labelled switch must be turned off. Doing so will unlock the door and gain you access to the Glitch.
Accessing most of the switches is a simple matter of wandering around and shutting down the shortcuts you opened before, as well as getting at the final switch via Goldenbrick Resort. It's the first switch that's the real killer here, as the room in which it's located is kept penned in by spikes.
In order to get at this last switch, as well as turning the I switch in the same room off, you need to open up the front door again. Collect the Batteries from the room with the five Battery ports - you'll have to approach it from the north and the south - and set one of those Batteries in the port outside the Plant's front entrance. This will let you access the switch. Turn it on, then use the Plant's southern entrance to get back inside. Removing the Batteries will have closed off other sections of the Plant, including the Glitch room, so you'll have to use the rear entrance or take the long journey through the place to get back to it.
Approach the back room with both a Copper and a Silver Key in hand. Try to get at the treasure chests in the rear of this room and you'll be attacked. Make sure you change your weapons to non-elemental fare (Eagle Eye for Anna, Bone Blade for Matt, Alchemy Set for Natalie and Chainsaw Gun for Lance), and have lots of Coffees and the Revive handy. You won't get through this fight otherwise.
The Glitch, the secret super boss of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.
The Glitch, the secret super boss of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.
The Glitch is a predictable pain. Its attacks do zero damage - but each round, assuming your characters don't have a Morale boost, it will randomly kill one of them, usually without fail. Worse, it and its two cronies will absorb each and every element you can throw at them. Only non-elemental attacks will work against this thing.
Despite all that, this isn't that bad a fight. Kick off the battle by using the Kitten Fort summon immediately. This will give your characters Morale and kill the two side glitches. The other two characters can use non-elemental attacks on the main Glitch to whittle away at its HP. If you still have enough SP, repeat this process on the next turn, reviving anybody who gets killed. In fairly short order the Glitch will go down, as it doesn't have a ton of HP, regardless of your difficulty level. (Though ideally you'll want to face this thing just before you take on the Temple of Godcat, at earliest.)
Beating the Glitch will earn you a rather paltry in-battle reward. Killing it will clear the room, though, and allow you to collect four treasure chests containing a HoneycombSushi, a Lollipop, four RAM Chips, one Plutonium Core, one Candycane, a JuggernautTitanium, twelve GunpowdersDark Matter, a Dark Rune, and the mighty Cosmic Monolith. This last is great against half of the final boss, if a bit costly on SP.